Rumbleverse: All Perk Types

Rumbleverse is a battle royale focused on melee combat. The game has a perk system in place to reward more active play. Here we will let you know everything you need to know about perks in the Rumbleverse.

Rumbleverse is a game published by Epic Games. It is the newest battle royale in the market. Even though the battle royale genre has been overpopulated for some time now, Rumbleverse takes a new spin on the whole battle royale thing.

Unlike traditional battle royales where you have some kind of weapon, Rumbleverse brings the fights closer to you. Here the action is completely melee-focused. The combat moves are inspired by wrestling. You can find occasional items like a bat or chair to beat people with, but they are temporary. Hand-to-hand combat is the main focus here.

It does retain the dropping to a map and finding loot mechanics. You can find different types of special attacks, health and stamina boosts, and regen items by exploring and looting around the map. One thing it has new is the Perk. Perk is some passive ability that you can get in Rumbleverse. Here is everything you need to know about it.

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What are Perks and How to Unlock Them?

Perks are passive abilities you can unlock in every match. Perks are not something you start the game with. Unlocked perks do not carry over from match to match either. You have to earn it every time you start a match. This system encourages players to engage in more combat.

To unlock a perk in Rumbleverse, you must deal damage to other players. As the game progresses, engage in the battle and deal damage. Dealing damage will fill up a meter on the bottom right of the screen. Once the meter is full, a perk will unlock.

All the Perks in Rumbleverse

There are 15 different perks in the game right now. Unfortunately, you don’t have the luxury of choosing which one you want. Instead, each time you unlock a perk, the game decides a random one for you. So knowing all the perks is a good idea.

Here are all the perks you can get in Rumbleverse:

AerodynamicDamage BuffCauses bigger explosion from Low Altitude Elbows.
BrainbusterDamage BuffLevels up Basic Vicious Attack.
BallisticDamage BuffAfter landing a dropkick, performs a Ballistic Blow.
BombasticDamage BuffCauses an explosion when Hammer Fist Combo ends.
MeditativeStamina BuffWhile standing still, regens 25 HP per second.
NimbleStamina Buff50% less stamina cost while Dodging.
Rabbit FootStamina Buff40% less stamina cost while using Long Jump.
RunnerStamina Buff40% less stamina cost while Dashing.
SatisfactionRegenScoring an elimination will give 40 HP regen for 15 seconds and 15 Stamina regen for 30 seconds.
SadisticRegenDealing damage will heal you 2% of your max HP.
TemperDamage BuffAfter taking damage, you deal 20% more damage for 10 seconds.
The BurnRegenAfter using a Protein Pod, it restores 20% HP.
WindfistDamage BuffClears more space while using Getup and Backfist.
Weapon MasterDamage BuffWeapons deals 30% more damage. Throwables are not included.
WoooooRegenAttacks build 22% more Superstar meter.

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