RubberNinja Concludes 7-Day Long Eggwalker Subathon After Eating 147,000 Eggs on Final Fantasy 14

Adiba Chowdhury
By Adiba Chowdhury
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Credit: RubberNinja

Final Fantasy 14 Streamer RubberNinja has completed his quest of eating 147,000 Eggs in a 7-day long stream, surpassing his previous record of eating 999 Eggs.

Streamer / YouTuber Ross “RubberNinja” O’Donovan has finished his Eggwalker Subathon on Twitch. The Subathon started on July 20th with a goal of gaining 20k subs. Before starting his stream, Ross explained the rules of his Eggwalker Subathon.

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According to his Subathon rules, 999 eggs would be added to inventory per 1000 subscribers. His initial goal was surpassing 138,000 eggs. However, he ended up setting the record higher by eating 147,000 of them.

RubberNinja Finally Eats the 147,000th Egg:

Although, this isn’t a new feat for the streamer. Back in 2020, RubberNinja had received 999 boiled eggs from an anonymous benefactor, which he consumed in one go on the Malboro server. In fact, given the bizarreness of the stream, it even caught the eye of Final Fantasy 14 Director, Naoki Yoshida.

The stream lasted for a whole week, which raised genuine concern from fans. During the week-long Subathon, RubberNinja took routine breaks for sleeping, eating, and showering. Even so, his face looked exhausted by the end of the stream. Given he was continuously feeding eggs to his character for hours at a stretch, fans feared the risk of Donovan getting carpal tunnel.

After reaching and surpassing his goal, RubberNinja concluded his stream by thanking the viewers. As we know, Final Fantasy 14 is still a very popular MMORPG, despite being a decade old. And Donovan’s latest feat has only raised the hype and freshness of the game. The game is also set to get its fourth expansion pack, Endwalker, in November this year. Therefore, naming the egg-eating Subathon “Eggwalker” was simply a clever nod to that.

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