All Metro Life City Codes

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: House of Creators

Live a dreamy life with expensive cars and mansions and chill out in the pool with free rewards and upgrades using the latest codes.

Live your dreamy lifestyle and enjoy all the luxuries of life in Roblox Metro Life. You can choose to role-play any available character you like in the game. Moreover, players can interact with their friends as they live in Roblox. Isn’t that wonderful?

Not only that, but customizations are available for houses and cars. Feel the cool breeze flowing by the seaside mansions or in poolhouses in Metro Life City and live the life you have always wanted.

May 14, 2024: We updated the article with new and working codes. 

Are There Any Working Metro Life City Codes?

Unfortunately, there are no active codes of the game yet. Hopefully, we expect some codes to be updated, so check back when you can.

How To Redeem Codes In Metro Life City

To redeem your codes, you must:

  1. Start your game.
  2. Click on the Menu button.
  3. There is an Insert Code Here Option.
  4. Click on it.
  5. Text Box would appear.
  6. Put any of the codes above in the box.
  7. Then, submit and claim your rewards.

Metro Life City Expired Codes

Thankfully, for now, no codes have expired in the game. However, saying that we expect some codes to expire soon enough, so check back when you can.

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