Riot Devs Confirmed a Cypher Buff Coming to VALORANT Soon

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By Nazmul Hassan
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In a recent stream, VALORANT dev team confirmed a Cypher buff is coming to VALORANT soon.

Riot Games releases constant patches to the game to keep VALORANT fresh and healthy. With every patch, VALORANT receives well-thought-out updates that make the game more exciting and satisfying to play.

Cypher is one of the few Agents that has been in the game since VALORANT’s closed beta. Players immediately loved Cypher because of his useful abilities. However, with the introduction of new Sentinels such as Killjoy and Chamber, Cypher slowly became an obsolete character.

To add insult to injury, Riot put Cypher through constant nerfs over time, making the situation worse for him. In the VALORANT Champions 2022, Cypher was the least-picked Sentinels in the game, with a mere 5.81% pick rate.

Contrarily, Chamber had a whopping 67.44% pick rate, even after receiving nerfs before VALORANT Champions. So, the problem didn’t seem to be within Chamber but with the other Sentinels Agents. And, Cypher was the worst sufferer. However, things might change very soon.

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Cypher Buff is Coming Soon

Riot Games recently had a VALORANT dev stream, where they talked about the latest act, the new Agent Harbor, the game’s current state, and more. They also discussed different Agents, where they stand in VALORANT’s current meta, and what change they might need for a healthy competitive environment.

When discussing Agents, VALORANT’s character designer, Alexander Mistakidis said, “So, something that players can look forward to, is we are buffing Cypher that’ll be coming soon.”

After that, Mistakidis jokes about removing Cypher’s hat and making his head hitbox “even tinier.” However, the actual details on Cypher buff were not disclosed in the dev stream. So, there’s no way of knowing what exactly to expect.

Nonetheless, Riot is undoubtedly looking forward to making Cypher a balanced Sentinel again. As the 5.08 patch is already live, so we might be able to receive some hints when the 5.09 PBE goes live. Till then, follow our Tweeter and Facebook page to receive instant updates on VALORANT news.

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