Riot Confirms Song of Nunu Will Be Canon in League of Legends Lore

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Forge and Tequila Works

Riot Brightmoon Confirms that Song of Nunu will be fully canon in League of Legends lore.

We all know how majestic and rich League of Legends lore is. Runeterra is an example of fundamentally complex world filled with all kinds of diversities. So many variables are at play here in the form of societies and their cultures, magic, technology and power systems.

Unfortunately, we never get to explore the lore in a convenient way to satisfy us. And so comes Riot Forge to the rescue. With their spin-off games, we can finally explore our favorite characters with their detailed backgrounds.

The next entry in the Riot Forge is the story-driven League of Legends single player adventure game “Song of Nunu.” This game will explore our favorite Freljordian boy, Nunu, his Yeti pet, Willump along with the best support, Braum. This new venture by Riot Forge truly underlines their commitment to enriching the League of Legends universe. And it will hopefully bridge the gap between gameplay and storytelling.

So, let’s take a look at the latest information regarding the game.

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Song of Nunu Confirmed to be Canon by Riot

If you have ever tried to get into League of Legends lore, you may have noticed an irritating part. And that is, some stories don’t seem to fit well into the greater universe, Runeterra. You might have also found some contradictory story events.

This naturally makes us casual fans confused and question if all of them are canon. Riot has recently addressed this and is starting to fix this. Song of Nunu seems like a great stepping stone in the direction.

Song of Nunu in-game look
IMAGE CREDIT: RIot Forge and Tequila works

Riot Brightmoon, in the latest dev update, has confirmed that Song of Nunu will indeed be canon in League of Legends lore. It means that the events in this game will officially be a part of the greater League of Legends universe. So other canon stories, such as Arcane will also share the same world as Song of Nunu.

As it is a story-driven game, we can expect to see a more fleshed-out Nunu, Willump, and Braum along with an in-depth look at Freijlord.

Release Date

Developed by Tequila Works, Song of Nunu: A League of Legends story will be officially released on November 1, 2023 by Riot Games.

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