Riot confirms low LP gain will be fixed with the Season 11 ranked reset in January

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot says with the Season 11 ranked reset, the low LP gain and high LP loss will be fixed in League of Legends.

The 2021 preseason brought some of the major meta defining changes in League of Legends including new item classes, item overhaul, and others. In addition to all these changes, Riot has also removed the inter-division promotion series to “smooth out progression speed bumps”.

However, ever since the Season 10 ranked ended and preseason started, a lot of League of Legends players have been constantly reporting that they are gaining extremely low LP while losing higher LP than usual.

One League player had reached out to Riot Games Support on Twitter regarding the issue where he was only getting 11 lp from a win in ranked games.

And replying to that complaint, Riot said, “After the 2020 season ended on November 9th we’ve started making a few tweaks and changes “under the hood” to prepare for next year’s season. This will result in some weird LP gains and losses at first but these will normalize the more games that are played over time.”

In another reply, Riot also confirmed that there are some “internal changes” in the ranked system in order to prepare for the next season. However, a lot of players are unhappy with the state that even though they have high MMR, they are gaining such a low LP and many think it is totally unnecessary to play ranked in the preseason now.

And now, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has further addressed the LP gain issue in the Preseason.

“There have been some hiccups during the rollout of these systems, but that’s why we do them during the preseason where they have a smaller impact,” Riot Scruffy said. “The end result is that we saw players’ ranks being inflated, which resulted in lower LP gains in the short term.”

Furthermore, he ensured that they have made all the necessary “tuning and fixes” so that the low LP gain issue can be fixed with the Season 11 ranked reset in January.

However, Riot Scruffy did mention that there will still be “slightly” less LP gain even after the season 11 ranked reset. And in order to keep the players closer to their season 10 rank, they are planning to do a smaller ranked reset at the start of the new season.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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