Revenant Nerf Could Remove All the Frustrations Surrounding his Ultimate, Respawn dev says

In a recent comment thread on Reddit, Apex Legends’ live balance designer confirmed that Respawn is indeed working on Revenant rework.

Revenant was released in a pretty weak state back in season 4 of Apex Legends. Back then Respawn had a tendency of releasing legends in a weak state and then giving them meaningful buffs a couple of seasons later.

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This trend of releasing weak legends really frustrated fans since most players were really disappointed with the lackluster launch of a new legend. Many fans thought a new character release should be exciting and not end in disappointment all the time.

Following feedback from the community, Respawn did address Revenant in a patch and gave him some notable buffs that included an additional charge to his tactical ability on top of removing range restrictions while in his ultimate ability.

Apex Revenant nerf
Image via Respawn

Combining both of these buffs, Revenant quickly began to climb in the encounter win rates and pick rates in all skill levels. However, as time went by, players felt extremely oppressed by his ultimate. Facing Revenant is like fighting the same opponents twice in a row, according to players.

Revenant changes are coming

Understandably, Respawn thinks it is time for a change. They are apparently working on Revenant-related changes meaning they might be playtesting different ways to address the issue surrounding his ultimate ability.

On the other side of the aisle, some fans thought giving Revenant a longer range while climbing could go really well with his overall creepy character theme. According to the devs, the community reception won’t be very positive if they straight up buffed him without addressing some frustration surrounding his ultimate ability.

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Consequently, they will be taking their time on testing all the possible changes while addressing his ultimate ability.

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