Respawn just added skill based match making in Apex legends

Respawn entertainment creators of Apex legends just added skill based matchmaking in the casual lobby. Pro players and players with above-average skills are not happy with the change.

Apex was a surprise coming from Respawn this year. Nobody was expecting the devs of Titanfall to create a battle royale game. They did and it was one of the surprise hit of this year. Critics and general gamers alike loved the game.

Apex legends new update details:

Respawn recently made a huge change to casual matchmaking. They added SBMM short for skill-based matchmaking. High skilled players and pro players are not happy with the update. They are complaining that adding SBMM to casuals make every game a sweaty nightmare.


respawn added skill based matchmaking
cheaters in apex

Oh yes, the cheater. They are everywhere if you are slightly above average player. Suddenly Apex saw a rise in the number of cheaters. Pro players are complaining because every game they play now will most likely have cheaters. Cheaters are also a huge pain in the diamond and predator lobbies. Cheaters are making new accounts and after LVL 10 they can just play in competitive. Apex needs to be more aggressive with the cheaters.

Abandoning your core players:

We understand that its a business and respawn needs to make money to support the game. Abandoning your core players may not be a wise move. SBMM may help players with low k/d but it will hurt the pro players who like to chill in casuals. They have ranked matches for a reason. SBMM is definitely not a good choice for SBMM.

Respawn is trying to make causal players happy. That shouldn’t come at the expense of your core player base.

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