Resident Evil 4 Remake: Complete Speedrun Guide

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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Complete Speedrun Guide

You might want to know the best way to complete speedrun in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

In Resident Evil 4, you played as the legendary Leon S. Kennedy, a former Raccoon City cop who’s now a government agent. Your mission was to rescue the President’s daughter from a group of crazy cultists who want to turn her into a mindless puppet. And after a long haul, we got a remake this year, and the performance is crazy good, without a doubt.

As the original walkthrough, you’ll have to fight through hordes of infected villagers, deal with some seriously messed-up bosses, and navigate through some truly terrifying environments. And let’s not forget about the puzzles, which will have you scratching your head and wondering why you didn’t pay more attention in math class.

And for those who want to test your skills and beat the game in record time, we’ve got the ultimate guide to speedrunning Resident Evil 4 Remake here today. Hop in!

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Speedrun in Resident Evil 4 Remake

First things first, in Resident Evil 4 Remake, the current world record for a speedrun is a mind-boggling 1 hour and 20 minutes! That’s barely enough time to catch your breath, let alone take out a horde of zombies.

Well, strap on your running shoes and get ready to sprint through the game like a bat out of hell. Not only will you earn a high rank, but you’ll also get your hands on some sweet Challenges and Trophies if you can complete the Resident Evil 4 Remake in under 5 hours. And keep note that it cannot be a New Game+; you have to start a fresh start.

To finish the game in under 5 hours, you will have to move faster than a speeding bullet. And if you thought Leon was quick in the regular game, wait until you see him sprinting through RE4 Remake like a chainsaw-wielding maniac is chasing him. Technically, that is true.

But don’t worry; we’ve got some tips to help you speed through each chapter. From skipping cutscenes to using the right weapons at the right time, we’ll give you all the tricks you need to do the job quickly. Let’s get into this.

Skip Cutscenes

We all love a good cutscene, but let’s face it, in a speedrun, they’re about as welcome as a zombie stabbing you in the back. And don’t even get started on the time wasted chatting it up with Hunnigan. Sure, she’s easy on the eyes, but we’ve got a speedrun to win here.

Luckily, there are several ways to skip through these time-wasting moments. You can either hold down the skip button and hope for the best or take a quick pause and cut through the scene like a boss.

No Time To Die

If you meet your untimely demise and decide to continue the game, the clock will keep ticking, adding precious seconds to your playthrough. To avoid prolonging your speedrun unnecessarily, minimizing the number of times you bite the dust is essential. This is particularly important in Professional mode, where autosave won’t work, and you’ll have to rely on your skills to make it through. So, keep those green herbs close and your trigger finger even closer!

Use Aim Assist

For those who only aspire to achieve the S+ Rank on the Assisted or Standard Mode, turning on the Aim Assists will definitely give you a helping hand with your aim.

Choose the Right Dialogue Options

To prevent Ashley from becoming a weakness, you must master choosing the best dialogue options. Ordering her to spread out is perfect for fighting and asserting dominance over the enemies. However, if you’re a pacifist and prefer running away, tell her to stay close, so she’ll cling to you like a leech.

Forget the Treasures

Don’t bother wasting your precious seconds on collecting those pesky treasures, especially the ones that are hidden. Stick to the main path like glue and save yourself the hassle of tracking down every little trinket. After all, time is of the essence when it comes to speedrunning!

Forget the Files as well

The same goes for the files that are scattered all over the place just to get inspected. Just forget; you have a bigger fish to catch.

Scenarios to Skip

Below are the scenarios you should skip to proceed faster:

◆ Church Skip
◆ Chainsaw Sisters
◆ Mendez Boss
◆ Castle Cannon
◆ Gallery Bridge
◆ Wrecking Ball
◆ Automatic Turret
◆ Anti-Air Gun

Sneak to Save Time

You might want to channel your inner ninja instead and take a stealthier approach, quietly slicing through enemies with your trusty knife. This tactic can come in handy in specific sections, like the very beginning of the Island chapter.

Now, we will go through some more specific heads-ups from each of the chapters.

Village Chapter

  • Combination Puzzle
speedrun resident evil 4 remake

Pop in Crop, Pig, and Baby. The combination remains the same even if you switch difficulties.

  • Cave Shrine Puzzle

At the beginning of Chapter 4 of Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will come across a shrine that is located in Mural Cave. After getting there, you will notice two hands on two sides of the Shrine. What you need to do is, you need two heads. No, not any sacrificial issue here. You will need two sculpture heads; the Apostate’s Head and Blasphemer’s Head. Check out here to get the solution in an instant.

  • Church Stained Puzzle

You’ll visit the Church at the end of Chapter 4 of Resident Evil 4 Remake. There, you will see this puzzle. Check out here to know the details of it.

Castle Chapter

  • Headless Statue Puzzle

By Chapter 9, you will be in the Castle. Soon you will come across an incomplete sculpture in the Grand Hall that resembles a chimera. However, the heads are missing. You need to find a Serpent, Lion, and Goat head. No need to worry as these parts are just lying around. Here, you will get to know the best and fastest way to solve this puzzle.

  • Grandfather Clock Puzzle

For Assisted or Standard Difficulty, set the clock’s hands to 11:04, and for Hardcore or Professional Difficulty, set it to 7:00. It’s as easy as changing your socks, but with a little more clockwork!

Island Chapter

  • Electric Lock Puzzle

Electric Lock Puzzle which can be accessed in the Island part of the Resident Evil 4 Remake. This kind of lock can be seen three times on the Island; in the Dissection Room, Freezer, and Waste Disposal area. Check out here to get the whole solution step by step.

  • Dealing with Saddler

To knock out Saddler quickly, make sure to pack a punch with your big guns like Magnum, Rifle, or Shotgun. I would personally suggest Killer7. Also, check out here to know which weapons should have the top priority for an exclusive upgrade.

Now, don’t forget to aim for the explosive barrels to stun Saddler. That will give you more time to blast him with bullets. However, during the second phase, grab the Special-graded Rocket Launcher tossed that Ada tossed to you and blow Saddler away for an easy win.

And that is all I had for a straightforward speedrun guide for Resident Evil 4 Remake. Hasta Luego!

Before heading back to your den, let me ask you this; did you find the solutions to all the puzzles? Or do you know about all the weapons and how to get them? Check out!

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