Best Save Points in Professional Mode – Resident Evil 4 Remake

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The best save points on Resident Evil 4 Remake if you’re aiming for an S+ rank in Professional Mode.

Resident Evil 4 Remake brings back the fan-favorite classic to the modern era, complete with upgraded visuals and gameplay. You take on the role of Leon S. Kennedy as he takes on an evil cult to save the daughter of the President of the United States.

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The game has a total of 16 Chapters. As you progress through the game, you will engage in combat with possessed villagers and monsters while carefully managing resources and exploring to find any upper hand you can get. Furthermore, there are different difficulty modes, which ups the challenge of the game significantly.

For example, autosaves are disabled in Professional mode, which is unlocked after beating the game once. This means you will have to save on typewriters manually; and failing to do so will send you back to the start of the game. Additionally, if you want an S+ rank, you will be restricted to only 15 manual saves.

This guide focuses on the best save points on Professional Mode, to help you avoid unnecessary saves.

Best Save Points on Professional Mode

Save #Save Timings
1After defeating Del Lago in Chapter 4
2After saving Ashley from the Church in Chapter 5
3Before the Chainsaw Sisters come in Chapter 6
4Before the Mendez Boss fights in Chapter 6
5Before the Water Hall in Chapter 7
6After the Armored El Gigante in Chapter 8
7After Ashley goes into Chapter 9
8Before the Verdugo comes in Chapter 10
9Before the Minecart Section in Chapter 11
10Before the Krauser fight in Chapter 11
11Before the Salazar fight in Chapter 12
12After the Regenerator in Chapter 13
13Before the changed Krauser fight in Chapter 14
14At the end of Chapter 15
15Before the Saddler fight in Chapter 16
Best Save points in Professional Mode

While these save points are recommended to optimize your playthrough, you should take into account your gameplay strategies when choosing save points.

A general guideline would be to:

  • Save before boss fights. They are the hardest parts of the game and often have long run-ups building up to them.
  • Saving after significant upgrades.
  • Saving after getting through very difficult sections of the game.

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