Reputed Leaker Claims the “Ghost” Spin-off Campaign for MW2 is in Development

Reputed leaker Ralph Valve has claimed that “Ghost” is getting a solo campaign that Infinity Ward is developing.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare series has been one of the most prominent FPS titles worldwide. With millions of fans around the world, the characters from the MW universe are living icons. A well-known character from the MW series is Ghost.

Simon “Ghost” Riley is the most acclaimed character in the MW series. From the original trilogy, Ghost has been a significant part of the MW2 campaign alongside TF 141. Fans have shared their love for him on social media, as the silent soldier has yet again managed to steal their hearts.

Surprisingly, Activision has taken Ghost’s popularity into account, which led to leaker Ralph Valve claiming that Ghost is getting a solo campaign soon. Infinity Ward is set to lead the development of the campaign.

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Ghost’s Solo Campaign

In a recent report by Ralph Valve, the leaker shared that after MW2’s release, the devs at IW were planning to move on to a solo campaign focusing on an essential character. Undoubtedly, the devs looked at Ghost as he is the most beloved and well-rounded character in the series.

Furthermore, the devs reportedly approached Ghost’s VA Samuel Roukin for a future project, confirmed by an associate at IW. However, there has been no confirmation on whether Samuel signed the contract.

Ghost MW2
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IW has issued no official statement on the possibility of the campaign yet. However, IW is working on the first DLC for MW2, which will lead the storyline onto a new chapter following the systematic approach of The Dark Pictures Anthology.

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