Rekkles to Leave G2 Esports

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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In a report earlier today, Rekkles is now reported to leave G2 Esports with 2 years left on his contract.

G2 Esports had a rough year with not making MSI and Worlds this year. After the Summer Split was over, there were a lot of rumors with G2 making changes and building a team around Caps and Jankos. Also, earlier in the week, there was reporting that G2 is trying out ADC’s and that was enough indication of a change going to be made.

The report first came from Pablo Suarez (BloopGG) of DotEsports. He mentioned in his reporting that the relationship between G2 and Rekkles had fallen apart after the split. Furthermore, Rekkles was supposed to represent G2 at the Draw Show for Worlds 2021 but then was replaced by Jankos. That is enough indication that things have gone beyond fixable and now G2 has to go out into the market to get a new ADC for the team.

Adding to that, according to the BloopGG, Rekkles is to leave because Jankos and Caps does not want to play with him. Caps already has a new deal with the team and Jankos will also be staying in all likelihood.

Rekkles’s Future Team

It is hard to say which team he will go to. With BloopGG’s reporting, you can see that Vitality has showed interest but G2 does not wish to talk with them. This is a situation eerily similar to Perkz last year when he was shipped off to Cloud9. The same thing can happen here as we could see Rekkles going to the highest bidder.

In a reply to Pablo’s report, Carlos, G2 Esports Owner, has come out and said that no trades or conversations are being blocked. It is kind of hard to trust him given the track record G2 has had over the years. He does explain that he did not want Perkz to be in Fnatic because of the rivalry they have had in the past years. Whether he stays true to what he said, that is one to watch in the off season.

Needless to say, EU fans will definitely not want that, but it is a reality that is very possible. For now, there is not a team leading to get him, but we should know more in the coming weeks.

What does G2 Esports look like in 2022?

G2 is going with a lot of changes as Carlos alluded to after their loss in the playoffs. Cap has resigned with G2 and indications are that Jankos will be re-signing with the team as well. However, Wunder looks to be going out as BrokenBlade seems to be the top laner replacing him. Furthermore, Grabbz’s contract runs out and with Rekkles leaving, Mikyx could also be leaving the team. There are a lot of changes that are inbound for G2 Esports in most likelihood.

In the ADC spot, we could see them making a run at Carzzy from MAD Lions as he might explore free agency given the reporting being made by BloopGG. They could also bring someone from the ERLs to possibly replace him. With Support, it’s unclear whether there will be a change. If a change is made, they could possibly look at LIMIT or Treatz. There is a lot of uncertainty with who the replacements for G2 will be.

In Conclusion

The Rekkles acquisition clearly did not work for G2 as they did not make Worlds. With that, the relationship between the two parties have frayed, and now we are at a point of Rekkles being with another team. Rekkles could very well be going to NA or even the LPL but all of that is uncertain so far. A big off season awaits us once Worlds 2021 concludes for the LEC as we could see a bunch of players changing teams going into Season 12.

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