Rekkles Joins Karmine Corp In The LFL For 2022

After a bad year last time for Rekkles, he joins Karmine Corp for this year and possibly in the LEC via expansion.

Rekkles was rumored to be out of G2 very early while Worlds was ongoing. Sadly, as time passed, there was not much of news of his move. Carlos (owner of G2) came out and said Rekkles had a buyout of 1.5 million. A few days later, he said that they were trying their best to loan Rekkles out which did not happen. Thus, earlier today, Karmine Corp bought him out for 1 million along with a huge salary.

The first report came from an LFL reporter Paul Arrivé that the deal was done between Rekkles and Karmine Corp.

It was later confirmed by Karmine Corp themselves as Rekkles joins the EU Masters champion. BloopGG (Pablo Suarez) confirmed the price for the buyout and salary.

This puts Rekkles in a team that can win the ERL scene this year. There are also rumors of an expansion of the LEC next year, so we could see Rekkles next year or possibly in the Summer Split in the LEC. Cabochard is also staying with Karmine Corp so this team is going to be the favorites to win LFL and more.

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