Redfall: How to Get Rewire Kits

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Rewire Kits is another crucial tool to gather after Lockpicks to survive better in Redfall. This guide will show you how to get Rewire Kits in Redfall.

Redfall is the latest open-world game where there is, more-or-less, a balance of action and horror. Players will fight against vampires, human cultists, and more in Redfall. Also, they can explore the vast world as much as they like.

You can choose your character in Redfall and customize it as you want. There are plenty of Weapons and gears to choose from, but you have to unlock the heavy-duty weapons one by one later as you progress through Redfall. You will need to gather items and resources to survive the undead creatures and fight with all your power in Redfall.

One of the most critical resources is Rewire Kits in Redfall. Just like you need Lockpicks in Redfall to unlock locked doors and certain places, you will also need Rewire Kits to hack into system devices in Redfall. These Rewire Kits will help you solve mysteries as well.

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How to Get Rewire Kits

To get Rewire Kits, you may follow the ways below:

Search and Explore

When you explore the regions in Redfall, search randomly for Rewire Kits, just as you search for Lockpicks. You may dig hidden areas, toolboxes, bags, backpacks, containers, boxes, etc. places, and if you search correctly, you may find Rewire Kits.

Redfall: How to Get Rewire Kits
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Visit “Lost and Found Shop”

Lost and Found shops are in-game shops that can be found at different places in Redfall. For example, you can see one of these shops near Reverend at the Fire Station. These shops can be found in Safehouses.

Once you find these types of shops, get in there and purchase Rewire Kits. These are expensive, so you must gather money in Redfall to buy valuable items. You can get Rewire Kits for 1500 in the shop.

Remember, certain characters in the game can get to have 3 Lockpicks and 3 Rewire Kits together, but not more than that. But if you chose Jacob as your character in Redfall, you can upgrade the Rewire Kits keeping inventory more than before.

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