Redfall: How to Get Lockpicks

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Arkane Entertainment

Lockpicks are one of the essential items in Redfall, as they are heavily used for unlocking locked doors and corridors to progress in the game. This guide will show the ways to get Lockpicks in Redfall.

Redfall is the latest role-playing and action video game developed by Arkane Entertainment. You can slay vampires and enemies in Redfall with all the powerful weapons, gears, and much more!

Also, you can choose your very own character out of the 4 playable characters in Redfall. Players will get to explore the open world map of Redfall and customize weapons as much as they want. There will be missions and side quests in Redfall that you have to complete to go forward in your gameplay.

In most missions and side quests, you will get across locked doors and places. And it would be best if you got the right Lockpicks to unlock those doors and places to complete the mission and progress in Redfall.

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How to Get Lockpicks

To get Lockpicks, you may see the ways below:

Search Random Places

Lockpicks can be found anytime, anywhere in Redfall. Whenever you find one, pick it up and keep it in your inventory for safety. Search for random areas, chests, bags, containers, etc., and places to get Lockpicks.

Visit Lost & Found Shop

There are Lost and Found Shops in Redfall, for example, near the Fire House and many other places. You can find Lockpicks in these types of shops as well.

Just like you must gather other valuable resources in Redfall, you must pick Lockpicks to survive and get into the locked areas to explore more and find new quests. Lockpicks are a great way to get into mysterious places quickly.


You can also purchase Lockpicks in the in-game shops. But you must have enough money to buy them as they are pretty expensive in Redfall.

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