Redfall: How to Clear Red Mist

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Arkane Entertainment

Red Mist can be found in certain areas in Redfall, which is the vampire-filled zone you don’t want to be in for your life. This guide will show you how to clear Red Mist in Redfall.

Redfall is the latest vampire killing horror action video game developed byArkane Entertainment. With all your weapons and skill, you will fight against Human Cultists, Bloodbags, Vampires, and other horrifying creatures in Redfall.

Players will get to choose their favorite character out of the four playable characters available in Redfall. Also, you will get to customize your chosen character and the weapon you choose. Players can play solo or team up with their friends to fight the horrifying undead creatures of the dark in Redfall. There will be many obstacles in Redfall that you will have to pass through to progress through the game.

One of the dangerous obstacles is the Red Mist in Redfall. Whenever you encounter the Red Mist zone, you will know that that area is filled with undead creatures like Vampires, Blood bags, and other enemies. If you get inside the Red Mist, your health stat will decrease gradually, and those enemies can attack you as well as you are in their region. But there are specific ways to clear Red Mist in Redfall.

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How to Clear Red Mist

There are two ways to clear Red Mist in Redfall, which are down below;

UV Light Source

You can get the UV Light Source nearby in Redfall. But unfortunately, you may not always find it. Always keep UV Light Generator with you to clear the Red Mist. When you put your UV Light onto the Red Mist, it gets cleared up, and also, if there is any vampire in the Red Mist, it also becomes a statue, and you get to kill it quickly.

Redfall: How to Clear Red Mist
credit: admiral VIC (youtube)

UV Light Beam

This is a great weapon to clear up Red Mist and kill any enemies in it. You can get UV Light Beam as you refresh your inventory at the Armory in Redfall. It will cost 2,500 Support each time you refresh.

Redfall: How to Clear Red Mist
credit: admiral VIC (youtube)

When you use this weapon in a Red Mist, the Red Mist will go away, and if there is a vampire in it, it will become a stone, and you can kill it quickly with your other weapons.

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