Redfall: All Enemies

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Enemies in Redfall are horrifying and dangerous. This guide will show you all enemies in Redfall.

Redfall is the latest vampire-infused action video game where you role-play among four characters: cryptozoologist inventor Devinder Crousley, telekinetic student Layla Ellison, combat engineer Remi de la Rosa, and supernatural former US military Jacob Boyer. You will be able to customize the character and any weapon you choose.

The world of Redfall is vast, and as it is an open world map, you can explore as much as you want and gather all the resources needed for your survival. Various enemies are waiting to attack you and kill you in Redfall. There are vampires, human enemies, and much more to harm you at every corner of Redfall. Players must stay cautious and fight for their lives.

All enemies in Redfall are categorized into different types and power. Not only are there vampires, but there are also other types of enemies. Those enemies also have weaknesses and strengths. Players must be careful when they are in combat with their enemies and use highly skilled power to defeat all of them.

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All Enemies

All the enemies in Redfall are listed down below:


Vampires are the terrifying undead creature in Redfall. Vampires cannot be killed easily. These can be killed with fire or stake going into their hearts. They are fast, with fangs and large claws that instantly kill you.

There are different types of Vampires;


These female vampires can fly in the air. This type of vampire can create a harpoon out of nowhere and throw it to kill people.


These types of vampires are large in size and height. But they can quickly move faster and harm you in a second! The vampire gods summon the Rooks in the game to fight off the good guys.


These vampires are consequential and can conjure darkness with dark fog around them. And they can instantly take anyone down with them and kill them. The Shrouds can vanish and reappear in another place.

Vampire Underbosses

These boss enemies are more powerful than the other ordinary vampires. You will encounter many challenges in Redfall. Always try to defeat these creatures and when they drop some item, pick it up and save it in your inventory.

Vampire gods

There are the vampire gods in Redfall who are much more potent than all the vampires and vampire underbosses. When you encounter them, you must acquire the right weapons to kill these powerful enemies. There are more enemies like Black Sun, Bloody Tom, Miss Whisper, and Hollow Man.

Human Cultists

There are not only vampires but also human cultists or human enemies in Redfall. When you fight the vampires, there will be more enemies as human cultists. They will try to harm you in different missions and quests.


These are neither human cultists nor vampires. They serve the human cultists and work as blood banks for the vampires to drink from. They have bags on their skin that fill with blood; if you explode them, the blood comes out, which is poisonous.

That’s all about the enemies in Redfall.

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