Rainbow Six Siege’s Rook might be getting a big buff in upcoming updates

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege‘s defenders might be getting the withstand ability thanks to Rook’s buffed armors.

Ubisoft recently revealed Rainbow Six Siege’s Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare, which will be bringing the new operators Sens, the highly-anticipated shooting range, and more. The new season dropped on the PC Test Server yesterday and a secret change has been identified that has gone under the nose of the devs.

As reported by Coreross, a new Rook armor feature was added in this new Test Server build that granted defenders the ability to self-revive from a DBNO state. This means every defending operator, wearing the Rook’s armor, will be able to get this special passive ability, in addition to the 20-hp boost.

This Rook change has gotten the Siege players to scratch their heads, as on one hand, Rook is one of the most underwhelming defenders right now, and this buff will surely make him a more enticing option. However, Zofia mains won’t be happy with this change because her withstand ability was removed a few seasons ago, as it was an ability based on the character’s lore.

As some of you may have noticed, a change to Rook’s armor that gives the wearer self-revive and is planned for a future update made its way into today’s build. Please note, this will not release as part of Y7S2.0. While this change will be disabled on the Test Server with tomorrow’s update, if you have any early thoughts on it, we’d love to hear them from you!” – the devs stated about this change.

While it does make sense for Rook’s armor to provide this self-revive power, Ubisoft still has some work to do before releasing this on the live server.

Rainbow Six Siege Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare is now available on the PC Test Server and is expected to release on all platforms on June 7th.

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