Rainbow Six Siege’s “Elo Glitch” is finally going to be fixed with new update

Ubisoft is finally releasing a hotfix to address Rainbow Six Siege‘s persisting “Elo Glitch”.

With the new Crimson Heist season, a new bug was introduced that involved players’ Ranked Matchmaking Rating (MMR). However, users, who were abusing this “Elo Glitch” system, will no longer be able to do that after today’s hotfix.

Siege players were using this exploit to affect the MMR gain/loss in Ranked matches. By leaving a ranked match at the start and then rejoining it, players were forcing the system to distribute irregular ‘elo’ or MMR to both the teams.

This means teams, who were using this glitch, would get much higher ‘elo’ after winning a match. On the other hand, the opponents would receive a much larger reduction in MMR after losing that match.

The Siege community was getting quite frustrated with the current Ranked mode, especially in higher ranks, where people are abusing the match-cancel feature, using ‘elo glitch’, and even hacking. But now, with the new hotfix, at least one of these issues will be solved.

Community Developer Eric Pope even stated that some further updates to the match-cancellation system would be made in Patch Y6S1.3, which is dropping on the PC Test Server soon.

The April 19th Hotfix will be deployed today at 1 PM UTC for PC and an hour and two later for Xbox and PlayStation, respectively.

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