Rainbow Six Siege Y9S2: Release Times, Patch Size, and More

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Y9S2 Operation New Blood is releasing today across all platforms. Find all information about the global release times, patch size, and more below.

Ubisoft is releasing the second seasonal update of Rainbow Six Siege today. If you have missed it, Rainbow Six Siege’s Y9S2 is officially titled ”Operation New Blood”.

Rainbow Six Siege Y9S2 Operation New Blood is introducing Recruit remaster, where the classic Recruit operator is being divided into two operators, Striker on Attack and Sentry on Defense. Apart from that, players can mostly expect balancing changes, most notably the Solis and Fenrir nerf, and quality-of-life updates.

R6S Operation New Blood Release Time

The latest Siege update Y9S2 is dropping today, June 11 at 09:00 EDT/13:00 UTC. The servers will be down for 1 hour for maintenance.

While Ubisoft has not officially revealed the patch sizes for different platforms, leakers have revealed this information. Y9S2 patch size:

  • PC: 4.7-5.1 GB
  • Xbox: 8GB
  • PSN 6GB

The new season should bring some significant change to the meta, with both the Solis and Fenrir nerf. Although Y9S2 has disappointed many fans with the lack of exciting content, there are some good changes that you should try out today.

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