Rainbow Six Siege Y9S1 Operation Deadly Omen: Deimos, Attachment Rework, Shield Rework, and More

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has announced Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 9 Season 1 Operation Deadly Omen, and it is bringing huge changes to this long-running game.

During the Six Invitational 2024 Finals, Ubisoft unveiled Rainbow Six Siege’s first season of Year 9, one of the most anticipated seasons in recent times.

R6S Y9S1 is set to bring a multitude of new updates, including new Attacker Deimos, Weapon Attachment rework, Shield rework, Azami nerf, and a lot more.

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R6S Y9S1 Operation Deadly Omen All Changes

Deimos: New Attacker

r6s y9s1 deimos operator
Image: Ubisoft

R6S Y9S1 is introducing Deimos as a playable character. Deimos is a 2-speed 2-health Attacker, who brings his unique gadget called “DeathMark”. The DeathMark gadget is a small stealth helicopter that can exactly track a defender’s position, similar to the tracking when inside Grim’s gadget.

Deimos can bring the AK-74M assault rifle or the M590A1 shotgun as his primary shotgun. He also has a new secondary weapon – the .44 Vendetta revolver – that sports a one-of-a-kind magnified scope. He’ll also have frag grenades or hard breach charges as secondary gadgets.

Shield Rework

The much anticipated Shield rework, which was released in the LAB Test Server, is finally coming with the new season. Shield-wielding operators like Montagne, Blitz, and Fuze can no longer hip-fire. However, they can now sprint with their shields and burst through barricades swiftly, as well as throw grenades, reload, or activate their gadget without lowering their shield.

Additionally, the new free-look ability allows them to look around corners of a door, for traps or lurking operators. Note: Osa and Clash are not affected by this rework.

Attachment Changes

  • Optics
    • Increased zoom level of old 1.5x optic, now on par with ACOG’s 2.5x zoom
    • Increased zoom level of old 2x and 3x optics to 3.5x
    • Optics now grouped into categories: Iron sights, universal 1x, magnified 2.5x, and telescopic 3.5x
    • New additional bonuses:
      • Iron sights have 10% faster ADS speed
      • Universal 1x have 5% faster ADS speed
    • Defenders have limited access to magnified optics (no telescopsis)
    • Most attackers will have access to magnified and telescopic optics (e.g. ACOG on R4-C)
  • Laser
    • Changed hip-fire bonus to 15% ADS speed bonus
  • Grips
    • Angled grip now improves reload speed by 20% instead of ADS speed
    • Vertical grip continues to reduce recoil
    • New horizontal grip increases movement speed

Player Comfort

  • Throwable gadgets will now show visualization of the trajectory before being thrown
  • Improved rappel system to make it more snappy and intuitive & updated rappel animations


  • Azami
    • Kiba Barriers now have a health pool, can be destroyed by bullets
  • LMGs
    • Updated recoil (overall decrease)
    • 10% movement speed decrease

New Cosmetics Management: Locker

  • Revamped cosmetics management system
  • Better overview over all owned cosmetics
  • New sorting options
  • New sections for favorites, recently received items

Player Protection

  • New Ranked restrictions
    • Inactive players (no PvP for at least a season) will need to win five non-Ranked matches to get up-to-date with new updates
    • New players need to unlock at least 10 operators on each side in addition to reaching level 50
  • New machine learning data-based anti-cheat system


  • New Ying Elite Skin available now

Source: Ubisoft, Reddit

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