Rainbow Six Siege Y9S1.3 Patch Notes: Azami, Lesion, Impact Grenade Nerf, and more

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft dropped Rainbow Six Siege’s Y9S1.3 Patch today, and it brings some big changes to impact grenades, and also slight changes to Azami, Lesion, and more.

The latest Rainbow Six Siege Y9S1.3 Patch was released today across all platforms, and it addresses some key issues with operators and secondary gadgets.

However, Ubisoft has stated that they don’t want to go overboard and will try out little changes and see how it reflect on their data.

R6S Y9S1.3 Patch Notes

Impact Grenade

One of the most impactful changes of this new patch is the nerf of Impact Grenade. The damage of the impact grenade has been brought down to 40hp from 60hp. Additionally, its explosion radius has been decreased to 2 meters from 3.

This change aims to reduce the killing potential of the Impact Grenades, as players were throwing both of their Impacts to down or kill an Attacker from safety, which is not how Ubisoft intended the grenades to be used. The reduced explosion radius also means that Impact tricking (destroying Hard-Breach gadgets with Impact Grenade) will now be much more difficult.


Azami’s Kiba barrier is also receiving some small adjustments. The Kiba barriers will now take a 10% increase in damage from High caliber Handguns, Revolvers, Medium caliber SMGs and ARs. For High caliber ARs and LMGs, damage has been increased by 5%.

Ubisoft noticed that the barriers were still taking a lot of bullets to get rid of, so these damage increases should make it a bit easier without making Azami too weak.


lesion rainbow six siege
Image: Ubisoft

Lesion is currently the highest-picked defender, according to Ubisoft’s graph. To reduce a bit of Lesion’s power, Ubisoft has reduced the initial damage of Gu mines from 5 to 3hp. Moreover, the gadget refill time has been increased to 25 seconds from 20.

Lesion’s impact grenade has also been removed to make him less effective against Shields as his gadget is already a good counter. Observation Blocker will now replace the Impacts in his loadout.

You can read the full Y9S1.3 Patch Notes here.

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