Rainbow Six Siege Y8S3 Operation Heavy Mettle: All the Changes Listed

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has just revealed Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 Season 3 (Y8S3) Operation Heavy Mettle, which is bringing some chaotic and exciting changes to the game.

Siege’s latest season is set to introduce the new South Korean Operation “Ram”, who is a 3-Health 1-Speed Attacker. Alongside this, the devs have revealed a plethora of new updates, including changes to Quick Match, operator balancing, new player-onboarding features, and more.

R6S Y8S3 Operation Heavy Mettle Updates

New Attacker: Ram

Image: Ubisoft

Ram is the latest Attacker to join Team Rainbow. She will be bringing her destructive ‘BU-GI‘ Auto Breacher Drone with her. This is a soft-breach gadget that slowly moves in the designated direction, causing soft destruction to obstacles and the floor in its path. Players will have the ability to select the direction of the drone’s path (straight, left, or right) before activation.

The BU-GI gadget can be countered bu shooting at the red canister that is located at the back of its body. Or you can use explosives like impact or nitro to get rid of it.

  • Primary weapons:
    • R4-C
    • LMG-E
  • Secondary weapons:
    • Mk1 9mm
    • ITA12S
  • Secondary gadgets:
    • Stun Grenades
    • Hard Breach Charge

Quickmatch 2.0

Quick Match rounds will begin with a few basic walls already reinforced and a few rotation holes already opened up. Additionally, in the first few seconds of the round, Defenders will be unable to shoot outside or run out, giving Attackers a welcome reprieve from spawn peeking.


  • Shotguns
    • Shotguns are getting a host of tweaks to aspects like spread, damage, range, and headshot modifier, all aimed to make them more consistent and reliable. You’ll also be able to make bigger holes in destructible surfaces if you hipfire them while moving, all the better to shape the map to your advantage. Note that these changes do not affect slug shotguns like the TCSG12, ACS12, and BOSG.
  • Frost
    • Players can revive themselves when trapped (in 4 seconds)
    • Self-revived players will not be able to sprint for 60 seconds
  • Grim
    • New alternate firing mode: canisters bounce off walls
  • Fuze
    • Deploy charges on deployable shields

New Arcade Mode: Weapon Roulette

  • The Permanent Arcade playlist launched last season in Operation Dread Factor, giving players a variety of specialized game modes that mix up the core elements of Rainbow Six Siege. Operation Heavy Mettle is bringing a new game mode titled Weapon Roulette to this playlist. In this twist on team deathmatch, every player begins with the same random weapon. Then, once the roulette timer reaches zero, every player simultaneously switches to a new random weapon. It’s a fun way to flex your skills across the Siege arsenal and test your aim in some surprising situations.

Player Protection

  • Player Commendation System
    • Commend up to two teammates in three categories: guidance, valor, dedication
    • Commend enemies as worthy opponents
    • Streak when frequently commended in recent matches, adds a special icon to your username and grants an Alpha Pack roll after every match
    • Every player engaged with the commendation system receives a mid-season epic Alpha Pack, top 25% most commended players at the end of the season receive a legendary Alpha Pack
  • New page with an overview of your misconduct

Player Comfort

  • Option to remove HUD from free cam
  • Option to kick (or promote) players from your squad
  • Patch notes available in-game


  • New three-part tutorial system
    • Basics (weapons, gadgets, destruction, etc)
    • Attack (breaching, etc)
    • Defense (reinforcing, etc)

New Elite Skin: Thunderbird

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(source: Ubisoft)

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