Rainbow Six Siege Y7S4 Solar Raid Patch Notes: Everything new introduced

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Ubisoft has finally revealed Rainbow Six Siege‘s much-anticipated Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid, and it is going to be one of the biggest seasons in recent months.

Rainbow Six Siege Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid is here, and it is bringing the new operator Solis, the new NightHaven Labs map, crossplay, cross-progression, and a lot more.

Solis is the new 2-speed 2-armor defender, who is bringing the new SPEC-IO Electro-Sensor. This gadget is a detection device for Defense operatives, with the ability to mark and ping opponents’ electronic devices.

Find out all the new Y7S4 patch notes below.


It’s time to move in on Nighthaven’s laboratories and see what they were cooking up all this time! This off-coast location is the point of origin for many technological marvels, and you might find yourself just as inspired by the open sea, green cliffs and clear sky. If nature isn’t your thing, you’re sure to be seduced by the immaculate architecture and many prototypes on display.

Made to meet all the needs of an active and growing company, the modern interior features sections both functional and industrial, with helpful signage around the facility to help employees find their way around.

With many access points and a total of five stairs connecting the three floors, this facility allows for free navigational flow, especially if you’re carrying the ordnance to take down its many breakable walls. Both Attackers and Defenders will have to avoid getting too comfortable, or they could easily be flanked and lose their position.

Watch for unusual opportunities like the runout hatch just outside Meeting Room, and you’ll find this map is made for creative strategies!

Nighthaven Labs is coming to all playlists with Operation Solar Raid.


Now you can log into your Ubisoft Connect account and get your content no matter where you want to play from. With cross-progression, your progress, currencies, and items are shared across all platforms. Additionally, your Ubisoft Connect account will get 1 free Alpha Pack. For more info on how your saved data is synchronized, visit the Cross-Platform Data Migration blogpost.

This season also brings crossplay to console players. Now you can play with players from other consoles and Squad up with friends via Ubisoft Connect. Players who wish to opt out of crossplay can turn off Crossplay Matchmaking in the Options menu.


The Reputation Score enters its beta this season, letting players see their Reputation Standing for the first time since the system deployed in June 2020. With the beta, players can learn what their Standing is without receiving any positive or negative effects based on that Standing. This gives all players time to learn what effects their Standing could have in the future and adapt to the new system before receiving any impacts.

Reputation Standings are a placement given to each player that shows them how their in-game actions are viewed. The goal is to provide feedback to our players and promote healthy interactions, while discouraging toxicity. In the future, this may look like rewards and boosted in-game earnings for positive Standings, and restrictions for negative ones.

There are 5 Standings, with one being the lowest and five being the highest. These Standings aren’t shared with other players met in-game.

The Reputation section now shows a player’s Reputation Standing in addition to active Reputation Penalties, such as Reverse Friendly Fire and Muted Text Chat.

We’ve added a How it Works guide to the Reputation section for quick access to information on the Reputation system. This guide also outlines some potential positive or negative impacts that Reputation Standings could have in the full release.

The Reputation tile on the Home section is being updated to show a player’s Reputation Standing in addition to active Reputation Penalties. Players can continue to use this tile to access Reputation section.


This season brings a new experience to the Ranked playlist, with quite a few changes:

Your rank is no longer decided by your MMR, but by how many Rank Points you win or lose after every Ranked match.

  • Each rank now has five divisions, and each division requires 100 Rank Points to advance to the next.
  • A new rank called Emerald has been added between Platinum and Diamond.

With MMR split off from your rank, it’s now being called skill. While it no longer decides your rank, it does determine how quickly you rank up.

  • Skill is a hidden value for all playlists and will carry over from season to season.
  • No more placement matches for Ranked because only your rank resets, not your skill rating.
  • Squad MMR restriction is no more, and players can Squad up with any of their friends. A new algorithm will adapt matchmaking, no matter the variation in skill among Squad mates.
  • MMR adjustments or resets due to cheating are now adjustments to your Rank Points or a reset to your rank.

Lastly, Ranked is getting a revamped reward system.

  • Players get 1 reward for every rank division achieved throughout the season.
  • Rewards are granted at the end of each season.


Battle Pass has evolved from its linear system into one with branching paths. Now you can plan your progression and get the rewards you want faster. No matter which path you take first, you’ll still be able to unlock all the tiles and complete your Battle Pass.

  • Play matches to level up your Battle Pass and earn Battle Tokens and Breach Charges.
  • Use your Battle Tokens to unlock tiles in any direction to get the rewards you want faster (1 Token unlocks 1 tile).
  • Use Breach Charges to unblock Breath Paths and open up shortcuts to new rewards (1 Breach Charge unblocks 1 Breach Path).

All tiles contain Battle Pass exclusive cosmetic rewards or Alpha Packs, Bravo Packs, Renown Boosters, Battle Point boosters and R6 credits. Premium Pass holders get a reward from every tile alongside additional bonuses.


New to the Shooting Range this season are the Shooting Records. These records track every weapon and attachment that a player has tested, so they can compare the recoil patterns and damage of different loadouts from the comfort of a single menu.

Players can access their Shooting Records in the Shooting Range by pressing the same input used for the Scoreboard.


Team color customization is expanding to Operator devices and Observation Tools. Now, the color preferences are reflected in the visuals of devices to help players identify what is owned by a teammate and what belongs to an opponent. For Observation Tools, the LEDs now match the chosen team colors, so players can recognize if it’s in use by a friendly or a foe.


Friendly fire was revisited to realign it to its intended purpose: creating a fair experience for everyone. Having friendly fire active during the Preparation Phase has been counter to this purpose, and so we’ve removed it from that part of the match. By doing this, we aim to reduce disruptive behaviors and the impact of minor mistakes.
Players can still turn friendly fire on in the Preparation Phase of their Custom Games with a new match setting: Friendly Fire in Prep Phase.

During Operation Solar Raid, the new map, Nighthaven Labs, cannot be banned — it’ll still appear during the Ban Phase but can’t be selected. This change is to ensure that all players get to learn and play on the new map throughout the season.

For Zofia and Capitao, switch ability mode can now be activated without first equipping the device, letting players decide their ammo type in advance.

Discovered bomb site markers now stay on the HUD after dropping the defuser. Their color will also update to show that they’re no longer the primary objective. Prior to this change, the bomb site markers would disappear and cause some confusion, particularly for newcomers. This change aims to reduce that confusion and help newcomers understand their objective.

The drone speed while strafing diagonally is no longer slowed down when using a controller. Drones will now move at full speed in all directions, the same as they do when using mouse and keyboard.


To rebalance the relationship between Operator speed and health, all Operators now move at the same speed while aiming down sights. Previously, slow Operators were at a disadvantage because one headshot eliminates them regardless of health, and many Operators are faster than them in firefights. This change aims to level out the playing field because speed no longer brings an advantage to ADS.


After many late nights in the workshop, drone skins are ready to see the light of day! Skins will start rolling out for the various Operator drones, allowing players to personalize their favorite machines. New menu options are being added to access this customization.


As with every season, Operation Solar Raid brings a price decrease for specific Operators. Kali and Wamai are dropping to 10,000 Renown or 240 R6 Credits, Aruni is changing to 15,000 Renown or 360 R6 Credits, and Thorn will now cost 20,000 Renown or 480 R6 Credits. With these changes, now is a good time to discover new Operators and playstyles!


This season, Operation Solar Raid will uncover flashy new additions for your seasonal skin collection. Acquiring the Ardent Glow Bundle will unlock the Piercing Rays weapon and attachment skins, as well as the Lucent Reflector charm. The seasonal weapon skin will be released at season launch and is available for purchase throughout the season. Once unlocked, it remains in your inventory indefinitely and can be applied to all available weapons.



  • Reduced damage of the AK-12 to 40 (was 45).


  • The Prisma will no longer be detected as an enemy when thrown outside of the building.
  • Removed the 1.5x scope from the MX4 Storm.


  • Aruni now has 3 Health and 1 speed (was 2 Health, 2 Speed).


  • Dokkaebi now has 1 Health and 3 speed (was 2 Health, 2 Speed).


  • Echo now has 2 Health and 2 speed (was 3 Health, 1 Speed).


  • Ela now has 2 Health and 2 speed (was 1 Health, 3 Speed).


  • Increased the first kick and vertical recoil of the 6P41 on console.


  • Reduced damage of the AK-12 to 40 (was 45).
  • Increased the first kick and vertical recoil of the 6P41 on console.


  • Increased magazine size of the C7E to 30 (was 25).


  • Melusi now has 3 Health and 1 Speed (was 1 Health, 3 Speed).


  • Mute now has 3 Health and 1 Speed (was 2 Health, 2 Speed).


  • Increased vertical and horizontal recoil of the FMG-9 for PC.


  • Osa now has 3 Health and 1 Speed (was 2 Health, 2 Speed).


  • Sens now has 1 Health and 3 Speed (was 3 Health, 1 Speed).


  • Sledge now has 3 Health and 1 Speed (was 2 Health, 2 Speed).


  • Increased vertical and horizontal recoil of the FMG-9 for PC.


  • Thatcher now has 3 Health and 1 Speed (was 2 Health, 2 Speed).


  • Thunderbird now has 2 Health and 2 Speed (was 1 Health, 3 Speed).


  • Zero now has 1 Health and 3 Speed (was 2 Health, 2 Speed).


  • Zofia now has 3 Health and 1 Speed (was 2 Health, 2 Speed).
  • Increased the first kick and vertical recoil of the LMG-E on console.



Hip Fire

  • Operators now keep the same hip-fire spread in all stances.

Movement while ADS

  • Reduced the overall movement speed while aiming down sight, to match the 3 Health Operators.


Progression Bar

  • The progress bar for some hold-input interactions more accurately reflects the amount of time players actually need to hold the input.
  • Affects: Gadget deployment and pick-up.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) 1.0

  • AMD FSR 1.0 has been added to the Option Menu to allow players to boost their performance or the quality of their graphics in game.
  • Only supported by Vulkan.

Action Reminder Keywords

  • Added keywords (ex: Vault, Deploy, Rappel) next to the action reminders to make it easier for newer players to understand what action they’ll perform.
  • These can be deactivated in the HUD options.

Notification Menu

  • The notifications page has been redesigned to improve readability and streamline the interactions.
  • It is now possible to mark a notification as read without deleting it from the page.
  • The Notifications tile in the Player HUB will now also show the number of notifications that are unread, so it is easier to keep track of the new messages.

In-Game Pings and Markers

  • Markers (Pings, Objectives, Runnouts, etc.) now stick to the side of the screen when not in field of view.
  • This should lessen the need to turn around to find a world marker.

Online Custom Games

  • Players can now start an online Custom Game even with one team empty, as long as more than one player is in the lobby.


Map Rotations

  • Added Nighthaven Labs map to Ranked, Unranked, Quick Match, Team Deathmatch, and Newcomer.

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