Rainbow Six Siege Y6S4 Lab Test Server Patch Notes: Warmup Playlist, Attacker Repick, and more

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Ubisoft has finally released the brand-new Rainbow Six Siege Lab Test Server update, bringing the much-awaited TDM playlist and Attacker Repick feature.

As we have explained earlier, the Warmup Playlist’ will be a permanent Siege playlist with respawns enabled that players can hop into and leave anytime. The playlist will feature a Team Deathmatch game mode, where the team with the most eliminations will win. On the other hand, the Attacker Repick feature will allow players to change their picked operator during the preparation phase.

Alongside these changes, the Lab Test Server is also bringing some quality-of-life changes such as Castle now being able to place his barricades without removing the default wooden barricades first.

Read the full Lab Test Server patch notes below:


  • Match Replay will be disabled for the duration of the Lab TS.



  • Armor Panels can be placed on door and window frames without removing wooden barricades first.



  • Attacker Repick is available in the Testing Grounds playlist.
  • Attackers can change their Operator, loadout and spawn location during the Preparation Phase to adapt their strategy to the Defenders’ set up.


  • Players can practice their aim in a Team Deathmatch round.


  • Respawn enabled.
  • Ability to change Operators during the match.
  • Match lasts for 5 minutes or until one team reaches 75 eliminations.
  • Join in Progress enabled.
  • No abandon sanctions.
  • In-game chat is disabled.


  • Unique abilities are unavailable (with the exception of Glaz’ Flip Sight).
  • Both teams have the same gadgets: frag, stun, and impact grenades.
  • Shield Operators (Blitz, Montagne, and Clash) and Fuze’s Ballistic Shield are unavailable.
  • Multiple players can pick the same Operator.
  • Reinforcements, Observation Tools, and Rappel are unavailable.
  • Map pool: Theme Park, Villa, and Favela.

Known Issues

  • Elite Victory Celebrations don’t play during the MVP and the Operator spawns in a T-pose in Warm Up.
  • Spectator mode causes a crash for the host when using the Warm Up preset in the Custom playlist.



  • FIXED – Reverse friendly fire icon is not displayed during the end of round replay if the last Defender standing eliminates the hostage.
  • FIXED – Headshot Only setting is missing from the Matchmaking Preferences for Training Grounds.
  • FIXED – When Thatcher’s EMP Grenade disables Thorn’s Razorbloom Shell, the scoring message names Thorn’s unique ability instead of Thatcher’s.


  • FIXED – Destruction, clipping, and lighting issues on various maps.
  • FIXED – Multiple issues with planting or picking up the defuser in specific areas on various maps.
  • FIXED – LOD issues on various maps.


  • FIXED – (Edited) When a Mag-NET device detonates and eliminates a hostage, it is counted as an accidental death instead of reverse friendly fire for Wamai.


  • FIXED – Various UI issues.
  • FIXED – Various audio and SFX issues.
  • FIXED – Various localization issues.
  • FIXED – Various customization issues.
  • FIXED – Microphone remains open after releasing Push To Talk button.

Many of these bug fixes will be coming to the live servers with the Y6S4.1 patch, so keep following us for the latest updates.

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