Rainbow Six Siege ‘ROAD TO S.I. 2021’ event begins January 21st

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege will be getting the special ‘ROAD TO S.I. 2021’ playlist, starting January 21st, as confirmed by Ubisoft.

Leading up to the Six Invitational 2021, players will be able to enjoy the special event from January 21st to February 22nd. Ubisoft will be using the same formula and bring back the Stadium map; however, this time, it’ll be a combination of Coastline and the Border map.

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Play 3 rounds of 3 minutes in unranked Plant Bomb with Pick and Ban. Have access to all Operators, including our team members, decked out in their Road to S.I. Battle Pass gear for the Six Invitational. The Captains – Mira, Capitão, Ash and Vigil – and their teams will harbor outfits from the Battle Pass themed content.

“Harry is reopening the gates of the Stadium, our ultimate competition map that mixes up elements of Border and Coastline. With a bit of fresh coat, the Stadium is ready to welcome our champions back.”


Deck the Competitors in exclusive team uniforms with the Road to S.I. 2021 Battle Pass, available throughout the event with one Free track and one Premium track.

You can progress through the Battle Pass from the moment it begins. To progress through the tiers, all you have to do is play. You’ll earn Battle Points for accomplishments like finished games and won rounds, and some extra through challenges.

To access the Premium rewards, purchase the Premium pass for 1200 R6 Credits. When you do, you’ll receive the rewards of any tiers you’ve already passed. 30% of revenue on this will go to the Six Invitational prize pool up to a maximum of 3 million USD.

The Road to S.I. 2021 playlist will go live from 10 am ET Thursday until 10 am ET Monday, every weekend between January 21st to February 22nd. Six Invitational 2021 starts from Feb. 9th, so make sure to support your favorite team, while grinding the Battle Pass content for yourself in this special playlist.

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