Rainbow Six Siege new Patch Y6S3.1 deployed on all platforms

Ubisoft has announced that Rainbow Six Siege‘s Y6S3.1 patch will be deployed today, September 21st, on all platforms.

The new Patch Y6S3.1 won’t include any massive changes and will mostly focus on various bug fixes. The renowned ‘HUD’ bug will finally be fixed for console players with this patch.

If you weren’t aware of this issue, the ‘HUD’ bug basically removes important markers from the player’s HUDs. So Siege players weren’t able to see their teammate’s icons, outlines, bomb markers, enemy runouts, and more. This has resulted in immense frustration for the Siege community.


Below you will find the download sizes for each platform.

  • Ubisoft Connect: 1.29 GB
  • Steam: 847.7 MB
  • Xbox One: 1.07 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 1.56 GB
  • PS4: 1.46 GB
  • PS5: 1.07 GB

Other fixes include Kali’s interaction with Clash’s shield, where the guard break animation was not working when shot with the sniper rifle. Check out the full patch notes down below:

R6S Y6S3.1 Patch Notes:



  • FIXED โ€“ After spawning with Blitz or Montagne and switching PC windows, hip-fire spread is reduced.


  • FIXED โ€“ The operator can lean and clip inside the electrical box at EXT Garage on Villa map.
  • FIXED โ€“ Various asset issues on Bank map.
  • FIXED โ€“ Various collision issues on Coastline map.
  • FIXED โ€“ Various LOD issues on multiple maps.


  • FIXED โ€“ The refill SFX for Lesion’s GU is not triggered.
  • FIXED โ€“ When shooting Clash’s CCE Shield with Kali’s CSRX 300, the operator will not receive the Guard Break state nor the animation.
  • FIXED โ€“ Osa’s bullet impact decals disappear when deploying her Talon-8 Shield.
  • FIXED โ€“ The first-person camera is offset inside Maestro’s Evil Eye when a player spectates through it.


  • FIXED โ€“ Voice Chat Volume is set to 0 when accepting a party invite on Stadia.
  • FIXED โ€“ Under certain conditions, HUD markers will not be visible to players.
  • FIXED โ€“ ADS Sensitivity slider jumps in increment of 2 when set to Standard.
  • FIXED โ€“ Extra texture is present in first-person view on all of Buck’s uniforms.
  • FIXED โ€“ Various localization issues.

The Y6S3.1 Patch will be deployed at 13:00 UTC for PC, which includes Steam, Ubisoft Connect, Stadia, and Amazon Luna. For Xbox and Playstation users, the update will drop at 14:00 and 15:00 UTC respectively. The servers will go down for 30 minutes for the patch to be deployed.

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