Rainbow Six Siege hackers are terrorizing players with a Chicken

Hilarious at first glance but a much more severe issue for Ubisoft.

Hacking in online games is not anything new. But this new Rainbow Six Siege hack has bamboozled the entire Siege community.

Rainbow Six Siege hackers are evolving, as they have now managed a way to put random images on your screen during a match. While the hackers could have uploaded any image on the screen, they decided to cover the view with a simple white chicken.

Since the tweet above, multiple users have now reported the pop-up of arbitrary images on their screen during a round, completely throwing them off the game. The ‘Chicken’ image is absolutely hilarious and has now completely taken over the Siege community.

However, the cheaters are able to show any image on players’ displays, so the issue gets much more serious for Ubisoft, with some hackers inserting explicit and graphic images.

How to temporarily fix the issue?

The cheat works by injecting the images through the ban feed. So by turning off the ‘Ban Ticker’ settings in the HUD menu, you can work around this issue and continue safely playing or streaming the game.

Rainbow Six Siege has seen some of the wildest cheats in the gaming industry, and the latest hack joins this list. Ubisoft has yet to address this issue publicly.


Ubisoft has momentarily deactivated the Ban Ticker by default to prevent further causes of frustration.

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