Rainbow Six Siege getting brand-new ‘Sniper Only’ TDM Arcade mode

Ubisoft will be releasing a brand-new Rainbow Six Siege ‘Sniper Only’ Arcade mode this week.

The new TDM Arcade mode will give players the chance to test their aim with just a CSRX 300 (Kali’s sniper rifle) and a .44 Mag Semi-Auto handgun.

Sniper Only Arcade Mode

To help players get some quick kills, the devs have modified the CSRX-300 Sniper to have a very fast ADS time. The Sniper Rifle deals high damage with a single bullet, so landing that one important shot will be crucial. Even if you die, you will respawn quickly as it is a TDM game mode.

This new Arcade event will be played outside on the maps of Fort Truth, Hereford, and Chalet. Therefore, you won’t be able to enter inside the building, giving players a unique and thrilling gameplay experience.  You and your teammates will achieve victory by being the first team to reach 75 kills. This event uses standard matchmaking rules. The whole catalog of Attackers and Defenders is available to you for the entirety of the event, all adjusted at speed 3 to maintain equal footing. 

Rainbow Six Siege’s new ‘Sniper Only’ Arcade event will start today at 10 am ET and last for one week, ending on September 28th.

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