Rainbow Six Siege Deimos Operator Guide: Loadout, Gadgets, Tips, and more

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Deimos is the latest operator to join Rainbow Six Siege in Y9S1 Operation Deadly Omen.

Rainbow Six Siege, a tactical first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft, has experienced tremendous growth throughout the years that it has existed. With the help of Jynxzi, the game received a huge boost in popularity in 2024, as it broke the concurrent peak-player record.

Deimos is the main antagonist in Rainbow Six Siege’s lore right now, and he just became a playable operator in Year 9 Season 1. He is a 2-speed, 2-health Attacker with a unique tracking device that he uses to instill fear in opponent’s hearts.

Here’s everything you need to know about this operator.

Deimos Operator Guide



“I was there when Rainbow began. I’ll be there when it ends.”

Gerald Morris was born in Birmingham, Alabama. He was close to his godfather, a military veteran, who would sneak Morris off to Western matinees and gun ranges. Discovering sheriff Bass Reeves in a history book was a watershed moment for the young Morris, giving him an idol for years to come.

Morris spent significant periods with the Special Forces and the ATF. A standout, he eschewed promotions to hone his practical skills and complete an MS in Inorganic Chemistry. His role in dismantling the [REDACTED] criminal organization made him a priority recruit for Rainbow’s first iteration.

As the team’s demolitions expert and a cornerstone operator, Morris was key to its early successes. He was demoted from team lead when he became outspoken about the operational limitations that come with government oversight. He and fellow operator Daniel Bogart were thought killed in Operation [REDACTED].

The circumstances of that event have been called into question since Morris’ capture at Emerald Plains.

Psychological Report

Morris’ arrival has had a toxic effect on Specialist morale. Tensions are high.
I believe that his capture offers us a unique opportunity. On a personal level, to define who we are, who Rainbow is. And, more pressingly, access to intel that will identify those who supported him. Nothing can be more important than that. The clock is ticking.

I am concerned about Jordan. He has burdened himself with the responsibility for Rainbow’s failures. Speaking frankly as his friend, it is not his cross to bear. As operators in the field, there is little we could have done differently given the circumstances we faced.

This is the Deimos effect. Our trust in each other is being tested. Adding to the turmoil is an unspoken acknowledgement between Operators that the man in that cell is one of the best soldiers the Rainbow program ever produced. His skill is apparent in how he moves, how he speaks, and how he thinks. Before we became aware of his terrible actions, Morris was an aspirational figure, a legend. It is difficult to come to terms with.
I cannot shake what he said at Emerald Plains, “Rainbow is already dead.”
I’ve seen enough this past year to know it isn’t an empty threat. We have little to act on as he spends most of our interrogations in silence and this deadlock has led some to suggest what I consider a reckless gambit: involve Deimos in the mission against his backers. Who in their right mind would green light that initiative? And yet, suggesting this to him has produced our first instance of actionable intel.

Could what we need be obtained with him in the field? An impossible choice that has split Rainbow down the middle. Now, more than ever, we need the leadership of a Six.
We may not have a clear path forward, but I remain hopeful. Because the strength of Rainbow, the strength that has always defined us, comes from our shared purpose: to do whatever it takes to protect those who need protecting.

— Captain Yumiko “Hibana” Imagawa, Viperstrike Squad Leader

Best Weapon Loadout

Image: Ubisoft
  • Primary Weapon: AK-74M (Assault Rifle), M590A1 (Shotgun)
  • Secondary Weapon: .44 VENDETTA (Handgun)
  • Secondary Gadgets: Hard Breach Charge, Frag Grenade
  • Unique ability: Deathmark Tracker

Deimos has two options for his primary weapon: the AK-74M rifle and the M590A1 Shotgun. Both these guns are quite powerful in their own way, so picking one over the other depends on your playstyle and plan for that particular round. The AK-74M is a really good weapon in our eyes, because of its good damage stats (44 HP) and low vertical recoil, but the fire rate of 650 RMP is quite average.

On the other hand, the M590A1 Shotgun is considered as one of the best shotguns in the game, mostly used with Smoke and Mute. However, bringing the Shotgun will restrict you from taking long-range engagements where the AK-74M will be much more effective.

Deimos also brings a brand-new .44 VENDETTA handgun to Rainbow Six Siege, which has a special 1x scope. This new weapon adds more depth to the weapon choice and combination, as picking the Shotgun and the Vendetta is a viable choice. The Vendetta revolver lands a heavy punch with each shot and the recoil is also easy to control.

While it’s rare to run the shotgun on Attack, you can try it out if the map allows it and you plan on taking short-range fights and allowing you to create soft destructions. But for most players, I will recommend the AK-74M rifle, a reliable choice on all maps.

Secondary Gadget

Deimos has three secondary gadgets to choose from: the Hard Breach Charge and Frag Grenade. Your decision should be based on how you intend to play the round and the full team’s game plan. If you want to get hatches without depending on dedicated hardbreachers then you should pick those.

But as Deimos is mostly played to track and hunt down roamers, the Frag grenade is the most suited option for him, according to me. Although Frag grenades cannot be cooked now, you can still use them to move players out of a safe space or block a path for a defender, using the nade.

Unique Ability

Image: Ubisoft

Deimos’ primary gadget is called the ‘Deathmark Tracker‘. This gadget is a drone shaped like a small helicopter, inspired by Military technology. This small drone can travel anywhere and is used to hunt down defenders. Deimos can use his Deathmark gadget to track down the exact location of the enemies and he can use his tracker 3 times during a round. Once activated, the drone pings the live location of the defenders for 15 seconds, but there’s a catch.

When Deimos starts to track a defender, the defender’s location gets revealed with a live red ping. However, even Deimos’s location also gets revealed to that defender, but that location ping is not live and happens after a small interval similar to Jackal. Therefore, Deimos gets the edge in this duel. However, when the track is activated, Deimos will only be able to use his secondary the .44 VENDETTA, which only has 6 rounds of bullets.

To be able to activate his tracking gadget, the attacking team first needs to identify the operator in the defending team by red-pinging them with a drone or other gadget. Once identified, that defender will appear in a list of Deimos’ HUD. After initiating the tracking, it takes about 3 to 4 seconds for the tracking to start.

Do keep in mind that only Deimos and the targeted defender will be able to see each other’s red pings. And every other operator in the lobby will get a notification about which defender is being hunted by Deimos. So to effectively hunt down the tracked operator, Deimos will need to give precise callouts to his teammates.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You can cancel the tracking after seeing the position of the defender and just before your (Deimos) location gets pinged to the defender.
  2. Use Deimos as bait, so other Attackers can instead hunt down the tracked defender.
  3. Save one tracker for late rounds, it will come in handy during a 1v1 situation for example.

How to counter Deimos?

Deimos’ small drone cannot be destroyed, but you can counter it in several ways. Firstly, Mute’s jammer is a strong counter to Deathmark Tracker, as it prevents the defender’s location from being revealed. The best way to counter Deimos with Mute jammer would be to go into the jammer’s radius when the text appears of being tracked and just before the helicopter finds you. This way, Deimos would lose one of his three trackers.

You can use the above trick to counter Deimos with Tubarao and Vigil as well as to burn one of the charges. Additionally, like the attacking team baiting with Deimos, you can also bait Deimos by coordinating with another defender.

Should you pick Deimos?

Deimos is a fun and strong operator in the right hands. To get the most out of him, you need to have good coordination and be able to give precise callouts to your teammates.

You could play Deimos as a solo operator and just hunt down the defender by yourself but for that, you should have a good aim and be comfortable with the revolver. While I won’t suggest Deimos to beginners, as a wild factor he is a very good choice.

You can now unlock Deimos for 25,000 renown or 1200 R6 Credits.

Sadnan Nafis is a Senior Esports Writer at GameRiv. Sadnan has a love-hate relationship with Rainbow Six Siege. He loves to keep himself updated with new tech videos and is always ready to help others.