Rainbow Six Siege Collabs with Dead by Daylight to bring new Crossover Skins

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege has partnered up with Dead by Daylight to introduce some crossover skins for two Siege operators.

Ubisoft and Behaviour Interactive are teaming up to release crossover skins for both their titles Rainbow Six Siege and Dead by Daylight. It is not the first time, Ubisoft has collaborated with other game titles, as previously we have received NieR: Automata, Halo, amongst others.

Rainbow Six Siege is receiving two cosmetic bundles for Finka and Kapkan, while Dead by Deadlight is getting Wamai, Blitz, and Tubarão skins.

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R6S x DBD Finka and Kapkan Operator Sets

The new Finka and Kapkan skins were inspired by Dead by Daylight’s Killers. Finka is getting The Huntress skin, while Kapkan is receiving the The Trapper get-up. Alongside them, R6 Siege players will get exclusive Cabin Fear drone skin.

The Huntress Bundle includes:

  • the Old Ragged Doll charm
  • The Huntress headgear, uniform
  • Operator portrait
  • Beast of Prey weapon skin for the SPEAR .308
  • Deadly Precision Operator card background

The Trapper Bundle for Kapkan includes:

  • the Deadly Bear Trap charm
  • The Trapper uniform
  • Headgear, and portrait
  • The Cleaver skin for the 9x19VSN
  • The Unnerving Presence Operator card background.

Both the bundles are now available in the Rainbow Six Siege in-game store. The individual bundles of Finka and Kapkan will cost players 2160 R6 Credits, and the complete bundle (with the drone skin) will cost 4080 R6 Credits.

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