Rainbow Six Siege: All new sights/scopes introduced in Operation Shadow Legacy

Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Operation Shadow Legacy brought a lot of new changes to Rainbow Six Siege, with the addition of Sam Fisher, Chalet rework, and many new optics for the operator’s guns. These optics will introduce a lot of variety for the players, as well as provide a new balancing tool for the developers.

So here’s every details Ubisoft has shared with us about the new optics:



[R6S] Y5S3 New Red Dot

“The M4S, our new Red Dot has a 1.0x zoom level, so it functions as a “no zoom” sight like the other Red Dots as well. It was added to provide our players with more options and we also see it as a quality of life change; the M4S is higher than the NATO Red Dot in-game, so we hope the Picatinny rail of the weapons receiving this new option won’t show up on screen as much when ADS. For now, we’ll only give it to some operators and weapons, but depending on its reception we might distribute it more broadly in the future,” stated the devs.


Rainbow six siege Y5S3 New Holo optics

“The MH1, our new Holographic Sight has a 1.0x zoom level as well, but it offers a fresh, clean look and a different reticle. Given how many of our players love the NATO Holo Sight, we wanted to provide them with another Holographic option that feels comfortable for them. We are quite interested in the performance of the new MH1, and while it will only be distributed to some operators and weapons at the beginning, we will distribute it more or less based on player feedback in the future.”


Rainbow sIx siege Y5S3 New optics 1.5x

“This new scope provides a 1.5x zoom level, therefore it will be referred to as the Scope 1.5x in the menu. It will bring a whole new magnification into Siege – a compromise between longer and shorter angles. We expect the Scope 1.5x to become one of the most favorite optics of our players, allowing them to engage in close quarters while still providing a comfortable zoom level to fight at the 10M range. (This is still the average value for engagement distances in Siege).”


rainbow six siege Y5S3 New optics 2.0x

“This new scope brings a new medium range magnification into the game: A 2.0x zoom level, which will be referred to as the Scope 2.0x in the menu. This new option features a much slimmer frame compared to the overall thicker Scope 2.5x but it is trading this advantage for a blind spot on the top left. It will be distributed on longer range weapons like LMGs and Assault Rifles.”

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rainbow six siege Y5S3 ACOG_Comparison
The Scope 2.5x in Y5S2.3 (left) and Y5S3 (right).

The developers have also modified some existing scopes such as the default ACOG from 3.0x to 2.5x. This change created a lot of confusion in the community as the ACOG was already labeled as 2.5x magnification scope, which turns out to be an incorrect label and now has been fixed to actually be a 2.5x scope.


[R6S] Y5S3 Scope 3.0x Comparison
The Scope 3.0x in Y5S2.3 (left) and Y5S3 (right).

“This scope, previously available on Capitão’s and Gridlock’s LMG, will keep its zoom level at 3.0x and therefore become the scope with the highest zoom level among the non-unique optics. In the menu it will be referred to as the Scope 3.0x. What we have modified on this scope is the reticle, we gave it a cleaner look which will make aiming at targets easier for players. Its distribution will change as well – it will become more available, mainly to operators with DMRs.”

All the other optics not mentioned here won’t be changed and therefore remain the same as before.



[R6S] Y5S3 Distribution Attacker
Image: Ubisoft


[R6S] Y5S3 Distribution Defender
Image: Ubisoft


New accessibilty tab has been added in the options to customize your optic’s color and opacity, and it even includes some colorblind modes.

Image: Ubisoft

Custom Optics

  • Optic Color: Choose your preferred color from a selection of 12 colors
  • Optic Opacity: Adjustable in a range from 20% to 100%


In the Advanced settings you’ll now be able to change the ADS Sensitivity for all the different magnifications independently from each other through different sliders as shown in the picture above.


“The inconsistent feeling when using different optics was caused by different sources of FOV that affected the player’s aim with sights and scopes. We’ve now made a gameplay change to compensate these FOVs, which will result in a more consistent movement across all FOVs and magnification level of our optics when aiming down sight.”

(For the more technical players who are interested in what exactly has been changed: the zoom level are no longer based on a FOV ratio, but on focal length instead).

The developers have acknowledged that all these new changes might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but they believe these changes will truly improve the game and make the experience better for all the players.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shadow Legacy Test Server is now live with the new update, so you can try out all the new optics right now. Don’t like the new changes? Then you can provide feedback on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Ubisoft’s forums.

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