‘Rainbow Is Magic’ Limited-Time Event is Returning on March 29

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has released a new trailer, announcing that Rainbow Six Siege’s most colorful and joyous event ‘Rainbow Is Magic’ is returning tomorrow, March 29.

The staple Rainbow Is Magic funky skins and reskinned Presidential Map will be returning. However, Ubisoft will be introducing a new game mode, which will feature an archetype mechanism and more.

New Game Mode: Bop the Teddy

A new game mode, titled Bop the Teddy, challenges players to protect their friendly Mr. Bear while they try to eliminate the opposing team’s Mr. Bear. To enhance the gameplay experience, operators have been assigned different archetypes that come equipped with unique abilities and grenades. Moreover, they can respawn infinitely and engage in thrilling battles on a revamped, yet light-hearted rendition of the Presidential Plane map.

The assortment of new and returning Operators in this year’s Rainbow is Magic are classified into three archetypes.

  • Speedy: Remah Dash ability and Stun Teddy Bear grenade
  • Stronk: Shield and Smoke Teddy Bear grenade
  • Flexy: Adrenal Surge ability and Explosive Teddy Bear grenade

Like before, the The Rainbow is Magic Collection is coming back for this LTM. So, new players who have not yet played this event, will get to try it out and even get some new skins for free.

In addition to earning free packs as mentioned above, players can also purchase packs with Renown or R6 credits, or buy bundles in the store for R6 credits; these include new bundles for newcomers Buck and Kaid, as well as new bundles for Rainbow is Magic veterans Sledge and Thatcher. Bundles are also available for Blackbeard, Smoke, Montagne, and Tachanka. And for those looking to spice up their drone aesthetics, an exclusive drone skin is available in the Signature Pack.

The popular limited-time event is making a comeback with its third new version, and it is scheduled to run from March 29 through April 19.

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