Raft: How To Make And Use Metal Detector

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You should create a Metal Detector in the world of Raft to find and gather essential items such as gems and metallic objects to build your Raft stronger and complete the challenges in the game. This guide will show you the best and the easiest way to make and use Metal Detector in the game.

Raft is one of the most beautiful survival games where you can experience the Life of Pi kind of feeling in the virtual world of this game. You will be able to encounter the beauty and danger of sea life. In this game, you can play solo, or you can also play with your friends.

Moreover, you will meet ‘Bruce,’ the shark in this game. In the middle of nowhere, at the heart of the ocean, you may create a square raft and expand your world on it. You will play the character who is searching for their husband and son. On your Raft, you will have to hunt fish and seagulls to keep you filled, and you must also filter water to drink water.

In the world of Raft, you must find metal items and expensive resources to complete quests and unlock items to go forward in your gameplay. You must need a Metal Detector to find the metal and costly items. Creating Metal Detector is very easy, and you must stay put and focused on making it.

Raft: How to Make and Use Metal Detector
Credit: Quick Tips ( YT )

How To Make And Use Metal Detector

You can make and use Metal Detector very easily. Then use it for various reasons.

You can use it not just to find metal items but also to find and hunt four kinds of treasure items with it. Like-

  • Combination Safe 
  • Tiki Piece
  • Assorted Trash 
  • Suitcase

How To Make Metal Detector

To make the Metal Detector, you may follow the steps below:

Visit: Caravan Island

You need to visit the Caravan Island and go deeper into the ocean through this island to get the Blueprint of the Metal Detector.

Get The Blueprint

You must get the Blueprint in hand. Otherwise, you won’t be able to gather resources to create the Metal Detector.

Get The Items

Now after doing all that hard work, gather the following items;

  • 6 craps
  • 1 Battery
  • 12 plastic

If you follow the above steps, you can create the Metal Detector.

How To Use Metal Detector

After creating the Metal Detector, you need to learn how to use it correctly.

The steps are down below:

Hold The Metal Detector

You need to hold the Metal Detector steadily for it to work. You will see the distance and item details in the Metal Detector.

The Lights

Metal Detector will show different colored lights, which means other things at other times. Like,

Red Light– Shows long distance

Yellow Light– Shows medium distance

Green Light– Shows close distance

Raft: How to Make and Use Metal Detector
Credit: Quick Tips ( YT )

The beeping sound will get increasingly noisy whenever you are close to the item.

Treasure Hunt

You can use this Metal Detector to hunt Treasures, like Rope, Plastic, Copper, Glass, Bolt, Copper, Biofuel, Explosive Powder, Tiki Headpiece, etc.

These are the best ways to use the Metal Detector.

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