Raft: How do you get Trash Cubes

The Raft has a trading system in the game. The items you trade with are called trash cubes. Here is how you can get trash cubes in the game.

Raft is a survival crafting game where you survive on a Raft in the ocean. Like many other survival crafting games in the genre, Raft also has a pretty in-depth crafting system. You start as a lone survivor on a small raft, but you will end up with a boat with multiple engines as you play the game.

The Raft has added a trading post where you can buy rare materials and fish baits. It is very helpful in the long run. These trading posts use trash cubes as currency. So having a lot of trash cubes will help you a lot in the late game.

Fortunately, getting trash cubes are not too hard either. Here is a guide on how you can obtain trash cubes in the game.

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How to Get Trash Cubes in Raft

Trash Cubes are, as the name suggests, made from trash. The Recycler makes it. You can find the blueprint for the Recycler in the Radio Tower, which is the first major area of Raft. For more details, you can check out the guide on Raft: How do you get the Recycler.

After getting the Recycler, you can make trash cubes with it. It works the same as many other items in the game. You feed your unwanted stuff into the machine, and the machine makes trash cubes out of it.

Trash Cube in Raft
Credit: Axolot Games

All the items have a specific value assigned to them. When you feed an item to the Recycler, the value of that item gets added to the machine. Once the value reaches 300, you will get one trash cube. The cube needs around 3 minutes to make after it has reached the 300 value.

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