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Akib Aditya Khan
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Get ready to level up your gaming experience! Understand LEGO Fortnite progression with these helpful tips and tricks. Discover everything you need to know at GameRiv.

LEGO Fortnite is the new survival mode in Fortnite with a complete LEGO-themed world. Players will need to collect materials and craft a lot of items to facilitate their survival in this world. The mode gives the players a lot of different opportunities to enjoy the game. From fighting enemies to building their own buildings, players can do it all in one place.

However, considering how vast the mode is, LEGO Fortnite also has a specific progression. While the crafting and exploration aspects of the mode might seem a bit complex to many, the progression features are pretty simple and straightforward. In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about progression in LEGO Fortnite.

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Upgrade Your Village

LEGO Fortnite Village Upgrade
  • Start by setting up the Village Square
  • Upgrade the village by fulfilling requirements
  • Increase village rating by crafting and placing items
  • Higher village rating leads to higher village level
  • Unlock new crafting items as village level increases
  • At maximum village level, able to craft everything in the game.

The first thing to do in LEGO Fortnite is to start a village by setting up the Village Square. Once players are done with setting up their village, they should focus on upgrading it. By interacting with the Village Square, players will get a list of the requirements they must fulfill to upgrade their village.

Apart from collecting the required materials for village upgrade, players must also increase their village rating. Village rating can be increased by crafting different items and placing them in the village. As players keep increasing their village rating, their village level will also keep on upgrading.

With the increase of village rating and level, players will also keep unlocking new items to craft. After reaching the maximum village level, they can craft pretty much everything that is available in the game.

Upgrade Your Tools

LEGO Fortnite Tool Upgrade
  • Players need to craft higher-level tools as they progress and unlock new materials
  • Rarer materials require rarer tools to obtain
  • Higher-level villages require visiting various places for different materials
  • Each material requires different and upgraded tools
  • Upgraded tools can be obtained by upgrading the craft bench in the village

Another important area of progression that the players need to pay attention to is to craft their tools. As they progress with unlocking new materials, they will be required to craft and use higher-level tools. More rarer materials will require more rarer tools to be used in order to obtain them.

As players keep increasing through the level of their villages, they will be required to visit several places to get different kinds of materials. After a certain level, each material will require different and upgraded tools to be obtained. Upgraded tools can be obtained by the players by upgrading the craft bench in their village.

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