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Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Quarterfinals of Worlds 2020 is set to start tomorrow and we look into the matchups and predictions of how the series might go.

Worlds 2020 has been action-packed so far with some clear favorites performing. The Quarterfinals is set to start tomorrow and it should be no different than how the group stages went. We breakdown the matchups in the Quarterfinals and our predictions for the series.

Quarterfinals 1: DamWon Gaming vs DRX

This is a rematch of the LCK Summer Playoffs Finals 2020. In that series, DamWon won with a sweep against DRX. However, this time, DRX will look to not have the same result and challenge DamWon more to win the series.

The teams are very similar in terms of playstyle where both teams want to enable their jungler to have a lead. With a lead in the jungle, they snowball other lanes, typically the top or bottom lane to snowball to a lead. Thus, that leads to winning games. However, DamWon have shown that they are a better team than DRX are so DamWon has the advantage since both teams play the same style but DamWon is a better team overall.

The most key matchup will be DWG Canyon vs DRX Pyosik. As mentioned earlier, both teams like to enable their junglers and the stats prove it. Both junglers are top 3 in Gold per minute, Kill Participation, Damage percentage, and other categories. However, Canyon has mostly played Graves whereas Pyosik’s champions played are more spread out. The priority on Graves will be really important as Canyon is really comfortable on the champion and has an 80% win rate on it.

DRX Doran has also had a good Worlds 2020 so far and we all know the caliber of a player DWG Nuguri is. Since both junglers have the tendency to enable side lanes, an early battle at the top lane could define which teams wins the series. Both bottom lanes are steady and both mid laners are the best of the best at Worlds 2020. The game will boil down to how the draft phases go and which team can snowball earlier.

Key points to keep track of

  • Does DRX force Canyon to play something other than Graves and Nidalee
  • Do both teams put top lane as a high priority for counter picking
  • Pantheon priority

As for predictions, DamWon has shown they are the better team but it will be closer than what we witnessed during the LCK Summer Finals so it will be DamWon Gaming’s win 3-1 over DRX.

Quarterfinals 2: Suning vs JDG

This is a series that has not happened in the LPL this year and casters and analysts in the LPL have wanted to see a matchup. Suning is the young team making waves while JDG is one of the top contenders to win it all.

Suning has stepped up a notch from their LPL performances at Worlds 2020. They beat G2 in the group stage twice, tiebreaker included, to get the first spot in their group. Bin in the top lane has stepped up and SOFM is winning with his unique style of jungling. On the other hand, JDG did beat DamWon in the group stage but they lost to PSG.Talon to be in the 2nd spot in the group. This team is a favorite to win it all, make no mistake about it. However, Kanavi has yet to have a standout performance and it is due at any moment.

Despite both teams playing for their junglers, their playstyles do differ. Suning plays around a more teamfight oriented game where they rack up a gold lead and then force objectives. In contrast to that, JDG plays with a skirmish heavy style where they pick a lot of fights. If JDG starts winning those fights, they tend to seal out their games.

A lot of focus will be on which team manages to get their jungler ahead. SOFM is a very efficient jungler who takes advantage of his lead to get a bigger lead. In contrast, Kanavi tries to get other lanes ahead with his lead which supports their skirmish heavy style. LvMao of JDG likes to roam a lot and make plays. The game will depend a lot on which team gets the lead first and how each team responds to either outcome.

Key things to watch for this series:

  • Jungler presence in the top lane will be key
  • Which Jungler gets the lead
  • Drafts

Given both Zoom and Bin are very aggressive top laners, the laner that gets ahead should snowball that lane. JDG are a very good roaming and skirmishing unit so Suning will have to be ready to deal with it. Also, drafts have not been great for JDG so if they clear that up, they should have an easier shot of winning the series.

For predictions, we are going to go 3-2 in favor of JDG. JDG is a more skilled team and Suning is inexperienced at the big stage. However, this series can go either way so do not count out on either of the two teams winning to advance to the Semifinals.

Quarterfinals 3: Top Esports vs Fnatic

On the surface, this series would seem like the most lopsided of the four quarterfinals. However, that is not really the case. TES has a lot of variety and ways to play the game while Fnatic plays a lot for their jungler.

The biggest obstacle for Fnatic would be overcoming Knight in the mid lane. Knight has yet to have a performance that is expected of him and Nemesis will have his hands full dealing with Knight. Playstyles of both teams are very unique as Fnatic plays more for Team fights whereas TES can play multiple ways.

Jaackeylove so far has had a tremendous Worlds campaign. It might become a chess game depending on how the teams go about the series. Fnatic could potentially give TES a run for their money depending on which team takes the lead first.

Key things to watch out for:

  • Which jungler gets ahead first
  • Whip top laner get the lead first
  • Drafts

For predictions, we are going TES 3-1 against Fnatic who have proven to have some weakness while remaining dominant in most games.

Quarterfinals 4: Gen.G vs G2 Esports

G2 is still one of the most inconsistent teams at Worlds. They have really good performances in some games and then play poorly in the other games. It will be interesting to see if they step it up. Gen.G on the other hand are a good unit with Ruler as their main carry.

Mikyx on G2 has looked really good at Worlds and the bot lane as a whole has stepped up for G2. However, they have had bad drafts that have cost them games and they will look to rectify that. Gen.G on the other hand were the better team in their group where they have out teamfighted their opponents and outplayed them in most instances. Caps vs BDD should be the matchup to watch.

Their playstyles are different as G2 likes to take advantage by any means they can while Gen.G farms up until they can coordinate and win fights. G2 will need good drafts to stand a good chance against Gen.G.

Key things to watch:

  • Top lane
  • Drafting priority
  • Team Compositions.

For predictions, we are going to say G2 take it 3-2 in a hard fought series against Gen.G. G2 are known to have a performance buff during knockout series games and it should be the same. Gen.G are still a great team and it will be a very closely contested series.


The quarterfinals are going to be a banger with four good fixtures and we should have a fun time watching all the games Worlds 2020 has to offer. Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals start tomorrow with DamWon vs DRX.

By Shadman Sabik Zaim Deputy Editor
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