Mastering Enemy Pressure and Stagger in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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How do pressure and stagger work in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? Today, you’ll learn how to master pressure and stagger in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth!

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (FF7R) is a PlayStation console-exclusive video game by Square Enix. It’s the second game in the Final Fantasy remake series. The game uses the same game engine as Final Fantasy VII Remake, but there are a lot of elements that are new to me. One of them is Combat.

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Today, I’ll discuss Pressuring and Staggering enemies in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. If you want to learn about ATB (Active Time Battle) system, or how to counter and parry, then read those guides. Before I get into this guide, let’s find out what’s Pressuring and Staggering in FF7R.

Pressuring and Staggering foes is perhaps Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s most vital combat mechanic. Learning to exploit these vulnerable states will turn even the most daunting enemies into helpless targets. This guide will cover battle techniques to Pressure and Stagger any opponent reliably.

How Pressure and Stagger Works

You need to learn how Pressure and Stagger works in FF7R. Here are the basics that you need to know:

Pressure Basics

Enemies have unique Pressure conditions, shown via Assess Materia. If you meet them, you can inflict Pressure, interrupt attacks and boost Stagger build up. The standard methods that you can use to your advantage:

  • Exploiting elemental weaknesses
  • Landing abilities they are susceptible to
  • Attacking specific body parts
  • Dealing damage thresholds

Pressured enemies can’t act and generate Stagger faster. Pay attention to an enemy’s Physical and Magical defenses, then target the lower one.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Stagger Basics with Aerith
Image Credit: Square Enix via GameRiv

Stagger Basics

Below the HP bars are Stagger gauges. If you fill them, you can inflict Stagger, greatly increasing the damage dealt to the enemy. Key notes that you can follow:

  • Each hit fills it slightly based on the damage dealt.
  • Abilities like Focused Thrust speed up Stagger build tremendously.
  • Pressured enemies build Stagger much faster.
  • Staggered enemies have colored sparks and are incapacitated briefly.

You should aim to Stagger tougher enemies as often as possible to deal amplified damage during the window of vulnerability.

How to Charge Up Stagger

You need to fill up Stagger gauges to use Stagger in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Here are tips to fill Stagger gauges quickly:

  • Pressuring: Exploit weaknesses first to Pressure, then attack.
  • Focused Abilities: Use Focused Strikes, Shots, etc. These rapidly build Stagger.
  • Elemental Weaknesses: Target elemental flaws like Frost’s weakness to Fire.
  • Synergized Attacks: These charge Stagger much faster than normal abilities.
  • Unload Limit Breaks: Limit Breaks also considerably charge the Stagger gauge.

Once close to full, hit the Pressure point again and unleash the most potent attacks. By doing this, you’ll deal a lot of damage.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth How to Charge Up Stagger

Maximizing Stagger Damage

While Staggered, enemies take up to 200% more damage. But, you need some strategies to get the most out of your Stagger damage. Here are some strategies to capitalize on this:

  • Enter Punisher Mode: Cloud deals 80% more damage during Stagger.
  • Use Chi Attacks: Tifa’s unique abilities further boost damage.
  • Extend Stagger: Some Synergized Attacks prolong Stagger duration.
  • Target Weak Points: Pressured AND Staggered weak points take insane damage.
  • Combo Abilities: Chain your most powerful ATB moves together.

Timing this series of attacks just right as Stagger begins will dish out devastating damage.

Using Assess Materia

The key to exploiting Pressure and Stagger is using Assess to reveal details on enemies. This uncovers things like:

  • Pressure Points: Where to attack to Pressure them.
  • Pressure Weakness: Elements and attacks they are vulnerable to.
  • Stagger Method: Quickest ways to fill their Stagger gauge.

You should constantly re-Assess tougher enemies to find their weaknesses. Bosses sometimes reveal weaknesses as HP drops.

Character Pressure/Stagger Roles

In FF7R, each party member has strengths that you can use to get the most out of Pressure and Stagger. Here are some key strengths to leverage:

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Character PressureStagger Roles for Cloud
Image Credit: Square Enix via GameRiv


  • Focused Thrust and Punisher Mode to shred Staggered enemies.
  • Counterstance deals huge damage when timed well.


  • Overcharge to Pressure groups.
  • Focused Shot for rapid Stagger buildup.


  • Use Omni-Strike to boost Stagger damage multiplier.
  • Unbridled Strength and slots to enhance these.


  • Use spells to exploit elemental weaknesses and Pressure.
  • Ray of Judgment and Arcane Ward for heavy Stagger damage.


  • Use Siphon Fang to boost HP and MP for Stagger.
  • Use the Vengeance mode to Stagger enemies more often.

Final Verdict

FF7R’s combat system is built around properly Pressuring and Staggering enemies. You should learn every foe’s weaknesses, capitalize on them efficiently, and unleash powerful knock-out blows during their incapacitated Stagger windows.

If you flawlessly chain the mentioned techniques together, then you can dominate even the toughest of battles. With practice, you’ll be ready to Pressure and Stagger your way to victory against Shinra’s worst.

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