Porcelain Kindred Prestige Edition Skin: Splash Art, Price, & Release Date

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has revealed the upcoming prestige skin in League of Legends, Prestige Porcelain Kindred.

We often get events in League of Legends based on real-life events. And the Lunar New Year is no exception.

Lunar New Year is one of the most culturally influential events. This event marks the start of the lunisolar calendar, whose months are determined by moon cycles. Since 2011, Riot has been celebrating this event in League of Legends.

Every year since then, we have gotten an event relating to the Lunar New Year. These events often include new skins, new event passes, new limited-time game modes, etc.

Usually, during this event, we get two different skin lines that span two patches, and this year is no different. For season 14, we are getting a new skin line called Heavenscale for the first one. And the second skin line is the returning skin line, Porcelain. From the Porcelain skin line, we are getting prestige skin from a pre-existing skin, Porcelain Kindred.

When Porcelain skins was initially released in 2022, it included some really good skins. However, the most disliked skin among them was Porcelain Kindred. Even though the VFX and the animations were good, they turned Kindred into a human child. Even though Runeterra Kindred has a lot of potential due to the lore and mysticism, the Porcelain skin butchered that potential.

Surprisingly, Riot Games revealed the upcoming prestige skin, which will be Prestige Porcelain Kindred. And it looks amazing. It fixed all of the problems the base Porcelain Kindred had. Additionally, it added some extra unique flare. The only similarity it has with the base skin is the animations. This prestige skin is no doubt Kindred’s best skin.

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Prestige Porcelain Kindred

Splash Art

prestige porcelain kindred
Image Credits: Riot games

Prestige Porcelain Kindred Price

Just like most prestige skins, this Kindred skin will cost 2000 event tokens.

Release Date

All of the Porcelain 2024 skins will hit live servers on patch 14.4, which is scheduled to be released on Thursday, February 22, 2024.

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