Pokemon Legends: Arceus – List Of All Main Missions

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Here is a complete list of all Missions in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The latest addition to the Pokemon series is finally out with a whole new approach. The gameplay and play style has also changed along with a brand new storyline. Moreover, there are lots of missions to do and quests to finish. If you are confused about which quest you should complete and which one to avoid. Below we have made a complete list of all the story-based Missions of Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

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All the Missions in Pokemone Legends: Arceus

There are 28 main missions with tons of side quests to follow and finish. Since the titles say what the missions are about, it would be tough not to get the plot after hearing about them. So if you are someone who prefers playing the games without getting spoilers, we would advise you not to read any further.

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Apart from the 28 main missions, Pokemon legends Arceus has around 90 side quests given by NPCs. You can find these NPCs all over Hisui Region. Most of them will want you to catch them a Pokemon. You can spend hours just going through the massive world of Pokemon Legends Arceus, and with so many missions, it keeps giving its fans what they desire.

The list of all the missions are:

  1. In an Unfamiliar Land
  2. The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial
  3. The Basics of Crafting
  4. Getting to Work on Research Tasks
  5. A Request from Mai
  6. Summoned by Commander Kamado
  7. The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods
  8. Arezu’s Predicament
  9. A New Mission
  10. The Lordless Island
  11. Scaling Perilous Heights
  12. The Slumbering Lord of the Tundra
  13. Disaster Looming
  14. Seeking the Red Chain
  15. The Trial of Lake Verity
  16. The Trial of Lake Valor
  17. The Trial of Lake Acuity
  18. Atop Mount Coronet
  19. The Counterpart
  20. A New Day Dawns
  21. The Researcher of Myths
  22. The Plate of the Lakes
  23. The Plate of Firespit Island
  24. The Plate of Moonview Arena
  25. The Plate of Snowpoint Temple
  26. The Plate of Prelude Beach
  27. Seeking the Remaining Plates
  28. The Deified Pokemon

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