How To Catch Cresselia: Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

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Here is how you can catch Cresselia in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

Apart from the legendary Pokemon exclusive to the individual competition, there are more legendary Pokemon inside every Pokemon game you can catch. However, capturing these Pokemon is not the easiest. So, we have made a complete guide below on how you can catch Cresselia, which is among the legendary Pokemon found in this game.

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Cresselia in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

How to Find Cresselia

Darkrai and Cresselia always appear together, but it seems only Cresselia is available in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. The psychic-type legendary Pokemon is among the Pokemon that are the toughest to catch in the game. However, we have made life easier for you by figuring out two ways to make it less stressful to catch Cresselia.

To first locate Cresselia, you will have to beat Cynthia and unlock the National Pokedex. You can get the National Pokedex by encountering 150 Pokemon in the Sinnoh region. Once you have the National Pokedex, fans should head to Canalave City. Now head over to Sailor Eldritch’s house, where you will find his son having a nightmare. The dialogues will be foreshadowing Darkrai, and after speaking with the Captain, he will ask you to bring him Lunar Feather.

Credit- Nintendo

The captain will ask you to journey with him to Fullmoon Island, where you will encounter the legendary Pokemon. To find the Lunar Feather, players will have to encounter Cresselia. However, upon reaching her and seeing the Pokemon for the first time, she will fly away before you can catch or engage in a battle with her. Despite that, you will be able to find the Lunar Feather, which will help cure the Captain’s son.

How to Catch Cresselia

To catch Cresselia, players will need to encounter her first. To do that, you will have to keep track of her movements using the Marking Map in their Poketch. You will have to be in the same place as the Pokemon in the hope you encounter her. You can find Cresselia in tall grass and water.

To speed up encountering her, you can cross one of the invisible borders, connecting the city with other routes. You can do this at Jubilife City, as it has four connecting routes to four different cities. You should save your game and use this trick until she can be seen in Jubilife City.

Once you see her in Jubilife City, save the game again until you encounter her. Upon encountering her, make sure to keep your fastest Pokemon in the front. Fans should make her fall asleep by using hypnosis or a mean look to keep her from escaping the battle. After that, make her weak and keep throwing ultra balls until you catch her.

Apart from this, another trick you can use is saving the moment you throw an Ultra Ball. Keep reloading this part until you finally catch her. Both of them are time-consuming, but catching a legendary Pokemon in any Pokemon game has always been this tough.

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