Players are Upset with the Current State of Snipers in Warzone 2.0 and Demand Infinity Ward to Buff Them

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Warzone 2 players want Infinity Ward to buff Sniper Rifles. The Sniper Rifles in the new Warzone are underwhelming for most players as they feature a low damage multiplier.

Call of Duty Warzone Caldera changed the influence of Sniper Rifles in the game. In Warzone’s early stages, snipers used to down players even with torso shots. Players were already upset as Snipers had turned into a headshot-only weapon. However, they accepted the fact and moved on with the game. Additionally, they worked on their marksmanship skills to get better at headshotting others from distances. Everything was going well until Inifinity went too far with the Snipers.

Unfortunately, Infinity Ward completely threw away the headshot-only system for Sniper Rifles and implemented a new armor plate mechanic. Sniper Rifles do not down players with a three-plate armor vest. Rather they require multiple headshots. The weakened condition of the snipers has made players unhappy, as using them doesn’t ensure a rewarding gunfight experience.

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Players demand a Sniper Rifle Buff in Warzone 2.0

In a recent Reddit thread created by u/hl3official, the user directed a question at the community regarding Sniper Rifle buff. The user asked everyone in the subreddit whether snipers should one-shot on headshots.

Another user Neskinzio stated the issue the majority of the players were talking about. Most players snipe an opponent, their plate breaks, and they replate and peak again. The same thing in Warzone Caldera would have resulted in a sure kill.

u/C4RS200 suggested the perfect solution stating that light snipers should be two-shot kill, and heavy snipers should be one-shot kill despite the range.

Surprisingly, u/danayf93 suggested an optimal solution for the whole sniper rifle dilemma. The user shared an idea of adding a helmet as loot. So, snipers can one-shot headshot players if they don’t have a helmet equipped.

Sniper Rifles are an integral part of any battle royale game. Being a high-risk weapon, they should be high-reward instead of being a liability during gunfights. Despite all the community complaints, Infinity Ward has yet to address the situation. Players can expect changes in upcoming seasons if the condition of Sniper Rifles remains the same.

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