Persona 6 Development Almost 95% Done, Will Receive Story DLC

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By Himel Mahmud
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Credit: Atlus

New rumors suggest that Atlus is almost done with Persona 6 development, and the studio is planning more post-release content.

According to new rumors, the development for Persona 6 is almost 95% complete, and the game will be released sometime in 2025. In addition, Atlus is already working on the story DLC for story DLC and more content for the sixth installment of the Persona franchise. However, the rumor did not specify when Persona 6 will be released next year.

Persona 6 will reportedly be a semi-open world and set in a high school environment with a more interactive social links system. After the release of Persona 3 Reload and the announcement of multiple post-launch content, Atlus shifted its focus to the next installment of Persona.

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Persona 6 Development Nearly Finished

On the ResetERA forums, Head on the Block, previously known as I’m a Hero Too, who has proven highly reliable regarding Persona series rumors, recently talked about Persona 6. The leaker claimed that the development for the game is 95% complete and that it will be released in 2025 along with story DLC.

Persona 6 is a fully featured semi-open world game, it’s 95% complete, and is releasing next year with DLC. The bigger DLC will have story and characters yes BUT the full game is a full game.

Head on the Block on ResetERA
Persona 5 Royal | Credit: Atlus
Persona 5 Royal | Credit: Atlus

Atlus is reportedly working on the Persona 4 remake and a remaster of Persona 2, featuring both Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment. However, the developers will probably not announce the remakes before Persona 6, so the announcement for the games will take time.

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