Overwatch Player Count Tracker: How Many Players Play Overwatch in 2022?

Curious to know how many players play Overwatch in 2022? Don’t worry! This article will cover the total player count for Overwatch every month this year.

Blizzard Entertainment developed and published Overwatch in 2016. Although there have been Hero Shooter-like games such as Team Fortress 2 in the past, Overwatch became the first one to introduce the Hero-Shooter title in its name.

The game grew massively in popularity with the addition of excellent content with each new update. Overwatch brought a genre-breaking change into the gaming industry, which became the inspiration behind the creation of popular FPS titles such as Apex Legends and VALORANT. Compared to these two huge titles, Overwatch has become a game of the past.

However, Blizzard is not done with Overwatch yet. After so much speculation and beta testing, Overwatch 2 will finally release on October 4, 2022. Not much time left until the new Overwatch emerges. Before that happens, let’s see where the current Overwatch stands in terms of player count in 2022. The result might shock you!

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Player Count in Overwatch in 2022

Blizzard Entertainment does not publicly announce information such as player count and active concurrent players as it may hinder players’ privacy. However, according to the information retrieved from Active Player, Overwatch averaged at monthly 8.7 million players in 2022, starting from January 1 to August 30.

Month (2022)Average Monthly PlayersPeak Players in a DayMonthly Gain or Loss
Via Activeplayer.io

The average number of Overwatch players was 9.1 million players in August 2022, which is the highest player count in the past two years. Overwatch also maintained an average daily peak of more than 780 Thousand players throughout 2022.

With Overwatch 2 coming in close, it seems very odd that players are still playing Overwatch to this extent and counting. However, it is good news for Blizzard Entertainment as it will help them push the old players toward the new Overwatch 2.

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