How Many People Play Overwatch 2 in 2023?

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Curious to know how many people play Overwatch 2 in 2023? Don’t worry! This article will cover the total player count for Overwatch 2 every month this year.

After a series of beta tests, Overwatch 2 finally launched as a full-fledged title. Overwatch fans and FPS enthusiasts had been waiting for this title for a long time. Additionally, Blizzard made it a free-to-play title. So, hundreds of thousands of players overflowed the servers within a short time.

Blizzard massively succeeded in transferring its old resources from Overwatch to the newly released Overwatch 2. However, as many things were changed, Blizzard included many new features, including Heroes and more, into the game.

Nonetheless, since Overwatch 2’s launch, the game has maintained a steady player base worldwide. The game also has a huge viewership on Twitch. So, without further ado, let’s find out how many players play Overwatch 2 in 2023.

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Player Count in Overwatch 2 in 2023

Blizzard Entertainment does not publicly announce information such as player counts and active concurrent players, as it may hinder players’ privacy. However, according to the information retrieved from Active Player, Overwatch 2 averaged 24.01 million monthly players starting from October 4, 2022, to November 30, 2023. The average number of Overwatch 2 players in November 2023 alone was 25.84 million players.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersMonthly Gain / LossAverage Daily Players
November 30, 202325,842,352897,9961,722,824
October 30, 202324,944,3551,389,7231,662,957
September 30, 202323,554,632-854,3131,570,309
August 30, 202324,408,945-549,0761,627,263
July 30, 202324,958,022308,0081,663,868
June 30, 202324,650,014-340,6211,643,334
May 30, 202324,990,635-724,3381,666,042
April 30, 202325,714,97439,3161,714,331
March 30, 202325,675,658-347,8951,711,710
February 28, 202326,023,5532,414,7031,734,903
January 30, 202323,608,850587,7032,124,796
December 30, 202223,021,1472,469,6912,071,903
November 30, 202220,551,4561,990,9021,849,631
October 30, 202218,560,55418,560,5541,670,449

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