Overwatch 2: What Is MIT?

MIT is a term in the Scoreboard that shows how your team shields the Damage with statistics. This guide will tell you about what MIT is.

In Overwatch 2, you can feel a game’s heat of total action and thrill. Players can team up with five to six members and play a match with another team or an enemy team. You, as a player, will need to know the overall stats of how your team members perform.

The Scoreboard shows it all. You can open it up by holding the Tab button. The Scoreboard indicates that Damage, healing, deaths, and many other factors are essential to learning about your team while fighting a battle. In the Scoreboard, there are some short forms of more significant words like, A means Assists, D means Deaths, and much more!

But usually, players get confused with a term in the Scoreboard, which is MIT. So MIT is another factor that shows in the stats how the Damage has been dealt with, like is the Damage has been dealt with Orisa’s Fortify or Nano Boost of Ana, or even Reinhardt or Sigma’s Shielding abilities.

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What Is MIT in Overwatch 2?

MIT means Damage Mitigated. This term shows anything and everything a team does to keep the Damage away with their Shield power and beat the enemy team. The Heroes like Brigitte, Kiriko, and other Heroes who have Shield ability are the ones who contribute to this MIT stats in Scoreboard.

Overwatch 2: What is MIT?

Mitigating Damage means you and your teammates remove opponent teams’ Damage or attacks with a proper shield and deal Damage to the other team to win quickly. This act will increase and expand the MIT stats on the Scoreboard.

Tank Characters, some of the Support Characters, and even DPS Characters also help increase the MIT Stats. In addition, a good team can raise Stat to a higher level, and finally, your team will win any game if they continue to mitigate Damage from the opponent team at a higher rate.

There are more short forms like this MIT one in Scoreboard, such as:

  • E – Eliminations in a game.
  • A – Assists in a game.
  • D – Deaths per game.
  • DMG – Damage dealt.
  • H – Healing Stats (the Supporter Characters increase these stats)

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