Overwatch 2: How to Fix Friends Not Showing Up Error

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Activision Blizzard

Overwatch 2 launched with a fair few bugs. One of the bugs is in the friend list, which makes it not show up. Here we will show how to fix it.

Overwatch 2 had a messy launch, to say the least. But like any other game, it is also launched with some bugs. Some are game-breaking, while others are annoying to deal with but don’t break the game.

Friends not showing up error is one of the errors we have encountered in Overwatch 2 so far. It is not a game-breaking bug, but if you are someone who plays with friends, it is an annoying bug to encounter. And fortunately, the developers have said they are working on a hotfix which will go live as soon as they are done.

But in the meantime, the community has a workaround for the friends not showing up error. You can use this workaround to play the game normally. So here is how you can fix the Friends Not Showing Up Error.

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Fix Friends Not Showing Up Error in Overwatch 2

In the new Overwatch 2, a bug doesn’t show your friend list. This can be annoying or sometimes impossible to play with friends with this bug showing up. But if you encounter the bug, you should first try to restart the game and see if it fixes the bug. If that fixes your problem, then great.

But if restarting doesn’t fix it, then you can use a workaround method to still play with your friend. Unfortunately, there is no fix for seeing the friend list in the game. You just have to wait until the devs put out their hotfix on the problem.

To use the workaround method, open the chatbox after login into the game. Then type “/invite [Battle.net Tag of your friend] on the chat. Using this command will send a group request to your friend. Then they can accept the request to join your group and play together in the game.

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