Overwatch 2: How to Change Crosshair

Overwatch 2 has some fantastic crosshair-changing options. There is a lot you can do with its crosshair. So let’s show you how to change the crosshair in the game.

Overwatch 2 is the next step for the Overwatch franchise as a whole. It introduces a few new maps, three new heroes, and a whole new game mode. But of course, the most significant change Overwatch 2 brings to the table is its 5v5 gameplay.

Being a hero shooter, you need to get good at aiming to improve in the game. And the crosshair plays an essential role in aiming. So having a crosshair that suits your style is crucial for becoming a better player in Overwatch 2.

With so many heroes in Overwatch 2, having one crosshair may not be suitable for all of them. But fortunately, the game has an option where you can change and fit your crosshair for each different hero. Here is how you can change crosshair in Overwatch 2.

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Change Crosshair in Overwatch 2

While in Overwatch 2, go to the options. Then from there, you have to find the Controls section. Inside the controls section, you will find everything to do with the mouse and crosshairs in the general section.

Here, in the general section, you can change the sensitivity of your mouse or invert it if you want to. But for the crosshair change, we need to look at the RETICLE part of the settings. You will find a few preset settings here.

Crosshair change skin in Overwatch 2
Credit: Activision Blizzard

For making new crosshair settings, go to the ADVANCED section of Reticle. Here you will find all the usual options. You can change these to make your own crosshair. And if you want to make a specific crosshair for one hero, you can select the hero on the right section of this screen. Select your hero, and start changing and making the crosshair you want.

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