Overwatch 2 Beta: Start Date, How to Sign up, New Hero, and more

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Overwatch 2 Beta

Blizzard has confirmed that Overwatch 2 Beta will begin on June 28th, with the final game releasing on October 4th as a free-to-play title on both PC and Consoles. Here’s how you can opt-in.

The developers released the early access for PvP beta in April, which was met with very positive reviews. Those who just cant wait to get another chance to play the game or those who did not get the chance to play the PvP beta will be glad to know they can get another opportunity this month.

Blizzard has announced the Beta will begin on June 28th, and more players will get the chance to experience it this time around as server capacities are increased.

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Overwatch 2 Beta Start date, time, and platforms

Date: It has been confirmed by Blizzard that the Overwatch 2 Beta will go live on June 28th.

Time: The Overwatch 2 Beta starts will be accessible from 5:00 PM UTC. This means 10:00 AM PT or 2:00 AM KST on the following day.

Region: Overwatch 2 Beta will release in all regions except Russia, China, and Belarus. Unlike the PvP beta, which was available across all regions.

Platform: The game is set to be released on PC, Xbox series S/X, PS4, XBOX One, and PS5.

New Hero and Map

With the news of the Overwatch 2 Beta, Blizzard also revealed the addition of a new hero, Junker Queen. She was teased for a long time, with speculations beginning back in August 2017 when the Junkertown map was added to the game.

“Only place for omnics in Junkertown is on the scrap heap. Consider yourself warned.” – Junker Queen.

From what we know about the story so far, the Queen was initially a fighter in Junkertown who proved herself by becoming the champion in combat. After being recognized as the Queen, she ruled over Junkertown with an Iron fist. Junkrat and Roadhog were her subjects, but they were exiled after they had stolen her gold, causing her a heap of trouble. Wrecking Ball is also mentioned as the new champion of Junkertown.

The new hero will be a tank which will have an aggressive playstyle. Her primary weapon is a shotgun, and her secondary is a small blade. She is also equipped with a large axe that she uses with her ultimate.

Her melee attack uses her blade to inflict a wound that denies the enemy healing. Her alternate ability launches the blade as a projectile, pulling the enemy slightly towards you while wounding them. This can be a good combo as you pull the enemies into the range of your shotgun. Her ultimate ability pulls out her Axe, and she rushes forward, dealing AOE damage which also wounds enemies.

The new map will be Paraíso and will be on the hybrid game mode. It is based in Brazil.

How to Sign Up for Overwatch 2 Beta

Those who are excited to try out the Beta can opt-in by following the link blizz.ly/3tBpQyP

Once on the landing page, log in to your Blizzard account from the top right and click on “Request Beta Acces.”

You’re all set. You will be notified via email very soon, and you can dive straight into the Overwatch 2 Beta on June 28th.

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