One-star versions of the Spirit Blossom Little Legends will be purchasable from patch 10.16

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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From patch 10.16, League players will be able to directly purchase the one-star versions of all Spirit Blossom Little Legends variants.

Spirit Blossom Event is out on patch 10.15 with a new dreamy jungler Lillia, Yasuo, Thresh, Teemo, and Vayne Spirit Blossom skin line, and new event pass and missions. Although there was no introduction of new Little Legends on patch 10.15, Riot has revealed six new sets of Spirit Blossom Little Legends for the patch 10.16.

And the six new Little Legends are Spirit Blossom Kami Featherknight, Yokai Featherknight, Kami Melisma, Yokai Melisma, Kami Hushtail, Yokai Hushtail.

Image Via Riot Games

However, up until now, the only way to get Little Legends was from hatching eggs. But, players have been asking for quite some time now to add a feature to directly buy their desired legends from the shop.

And today, on the latest dev blog Riot said, “We’re introducing the option to directly purchase the one-star versions of all Spirit Blossom Little Legend variants.”

Players will be able to buy them from patch 10.16, but, you will not get the three-star version of the legends even if you that legend three times. Regarding this Riot said, “Think of them like a skin purchase, where you can’t purchase multiples of the same skin.”

So, in order to upgrade the 1-star version of the Little Legend, players need to purchase an additional Spirit Blossom Rare Egg which will hatch a two-star or three-star version of the variant.

One-star versions of Spirit Blossom Little Legends will be priced at 750 RP each, and eggs will be priced at 490 RP each.

Riot also mentioned that players will only be able to buy the Spirit Blossom Little Legends and not the previous legends as they are currently testing the new system. And based on feedbacks, Riot might make this system permanent in the upcoming future.

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